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Serax is a Belgian design label, active for more than 30 years and still managed with a passionate family spirit. Today Serax works with passionate designers from all over the world. Ann Demeulemeester, Vincent Van Duysen, Paola Navone and Piet Boon are just a few names from the illustrious list. Serax tableware graces the tables of some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you go for a bite to eat at Albert Adrià's Enigma restaurant, at Jean George in New York City or at Nobu in Milan, Serax's carefully designed dinnerware and cutlery will give your culinary experience that little bit more. Over the years, Serax has grown into a versatile lifestyle brand. The products range from tableware and pottery to unique design furniture, lighting and accessories. In 2014 Serax received the Henry van de Velde Award, the most prestigious design prize in Belgium.
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In 1987, the brothers Axel and Serge Van den Bossche decided to take over the reins of the company Serax, founded by their mother. The company started producing a simple series of flower pots, but it soon broadened its field of action including a variety of decorative items. In the early ‘90s, the team has expanded and strengthened thanks to the arrival of Frank Lambert. At the same time the company moved to Kontich. Today the brand's collection includes no less than 4,000 objects and accessories for interior decoration, items ranging from glassware to elegant tableware and supports for flowers.
Serax was a pioneer in the revolution of the sector of useful elements to support plants and flowers, thanks to the innovative and always trendy designs and projects born from the collaboration with Belgian and international designers. An ambition that continues to characterize the raison d'être of Serax and that enabled the brand to enlarge its production. Decorative items, tableware collections and small furnishings were added to the traditional collections, without forgetting the basics of the brand: accessibility, quality and design. Today, Serax serves as a design platform, a place where you create fruitful synergies between designers from around the world while maintaining its primary objective of offering its customers affordable, high-quality design products.

With a fantastic line of products dedicated to the setting of the table, Serax established itself within a few years as a trendsetter in the hospitality sector. This brand is also appreciated by famous hotel managers and renowned chefs around the world. For the creation of its line of candles, the brand used a great selection of flavours and fragrances for interiors created by Grasse, the world-renowned center of perfume. A collection of eleven types of scented candles and diffusers, all with different fragrances that will take you on a journey to discover different corners of the world, each with their specific character and aromas.
All the design objects that come from Serax are affordable and functional, oriented towards the choice of materials that make the products unique and adaptable to anyone's style. The catalogue includes small furniture, accessories, lighting elements, that create incredible atmospheres. Timeless objects that fit well both in modern and classic settings. With the stationery collection characterized by playful prints and contemporary materials, Serax enters the world of work.

The collection dedicated to table linen is made with a palette of contemporary colours in line with the trends of the moment; fresh and light colours for summer, warm colours for a cozy winter mise en place. What makes Serax a cutting-edge brand is the constant collaboration with major designers coming from Belgium and from other parts of the world. To ensure the production of increasingly innovative and never repetitive elements, the brand makes use of the creative minds of internationally renowned designers, including:

Ann Van Hoey
Belgian designer with an education as a professional potter, Ann Van Hoey has accumulated a number of international awards, reaching the kind of recognition that most artists receive only after many years of experience in this area.
Ann Van Hoey has intensified her passion for design through her many trips, during which she attended workshops held by some of the best contemporary clay artists of our time. The designer took inspiration and knowledge from all these areas to develop her own work. Her current collaboration with Serax, one of the largest European manufacturers of porcelain and crockery, is inspired by geometric shapes for a collection that exudes elegance and purity.

Marie Michielssen
Marie Michielssen has been collaborating with Serax for many years. The designer draws her inspiration from everyday life, finding many inputs every day and at any time. Her insights are translated into original designs such as tea candles, vases or flower pots and cloth bags that inevitably appear in a new version within each collection. Another specialty of Marie Michielssen is to give new life to old materials, as she did for the Emaille collection.

Moniek Vanden Berghe
We could almost define her as an authority in the floral decorative art. The Belgian designer is inspired by the observation of nature, then the creative process is stimulated by experimentation. Her love for nature and the environment is the basis of her latest collections like Recircled. She uses disposable and seemingly worthless materials such as cardboard and rubber that in her hands become new, timeless objects. The large collection of vases created with recycled bicycle tires has become an icon of the whole Serax catalogue.

Roel Vandebeek
A designer who has always been fascinated by the links between things. He looks for originality in common objects, inventing every time new designs that stand out for their clear shapes and pure materials. Roel Vandebeek says: "It is not easy for designers today to walk along well-prepared tracks and still to be able to create something new and surprising. If I can do it, I'm happy."

Roos Van de Velde
Nature is the common thread that runs through all his designs, like a recurring and very strong presence. The porcelain service by this designer symbolizes innovation in various fields.

Pieter Stockmans
He is undoubtedly one of the most famous contemporary artists, who also detains the role of ambassador for the Flemish culture. His work is centered on porcelain that in his hands reveals a whole new dimension.