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How to tidy up your house and life
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How to tidy up your house and life

Spring is peeping out, but the weather is still playing some tricks. It is normal feeling tired, nervous or agitated. To regenerate and recharge yourself you can start with something easy… let's tidy up your house!

Feng Shui: some advice to live in a more serene environment

The reality that surrounds us and the way we live in it often affect the harmony and tranquillity of our inner being and, subsequently, our mood.

Feng Shui is an Oriental philosophy that explains how to decorate a house so for the interior to be in harmony with the exterior. By reorganizing the house in the right way and in accordance with the right rules you will recover your serenity and self-confidence: try it to believe it!

Decluttering: get rid of what you don't need

The first step of the relaxing therapy is to make room in the house by getting rid of anything unnecessary: a real decluttering technique.

We are surrounded by hundreds of objects. Many of them not really useful, others completely useless and some others just annoying: for example, those objects that recall unpleasant memories or keep us tied to the past. The old jumper that Grandma gave us for Christmas in that weird shade of blue? Throw it away, you will never wear it!

By tidying up our things we tidy up our past: we realize what really matters in our lives and what we don't need anymore.
Marie Kondo, The life-changing magic of tidying up

By tidying up our spaces and eliminating what we don't need anymore, we not only obtain more room in the house, but we also get rid of those objects that often carry a specific emotional burden. And this is exactly why every time we happen to tidy up our house, despite feeling a little tired, we also feel better and in a better mood. Moreover, we should remember that when we do some exercise our body produces dopamine: a real antidote to depression! What are you waiting for? Let's get rid of all the knick-knacs in your closet!

Cook and think happy thoughts!

Among the places inside our home where we can get our balance and good mood back there is certainly the kitchen, that is the beating heart of any Italian home.

In the kitchen the whole family eat together and chat after a long day at work or school. And it is also a place for creativity: it is proven that cooking for other people or even for ourselves improve our mood, is relaxing and develops our sensitivity.

What does Feng Shui recommend? A well-organized kitchen, harmonious and tidy, decorated with rounded furniture made of wood, stone and metal. No need to say that everything must be perfectly neat and clean, and cleaning the cooktop after some experimental cooking session could be hard and laborious!

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Garden: the most important is that it is neat

If you have a garden or a large terrace you can call yourself lucky! But be aware that they must always be perfectly neat! In fact, the presence of neglected areas or dead plants prevent the constant flow of positive energy favouring the creation of negative feelings. Think about it: isn't it more joyful your fresh geranium flowerbed thant that dying ivy unsticking from the wall of your neighbour's house?

Taking care of the plants also develops our relationship with nature and the surrounding environment: it enhances our confidence in ourselves and in our abilities. By taking care of plants and flowers you will also take care of your wellbeing.

Credits: Nidia Dias

The bed: undisputed king of relaxation

The bedroom is the room of the house devoted to relaxation and rest after a long day at work. Here we reorganize our mind and good sleep brings wise advice. But this can happen only if the room is harmonious and balanced, in accordance with Feng Shui rules: in the bedroom we must choose soft colours for the walls and the furniture, and we must avoid to create a messy environment.

The undisputed protagonist of the bedroom is certainly the bed. The ideal position for the bed is as far as possible from doors and windows, to prevent sunlight from disturbing our sleep. Feng Shui masters suggest the futon as an alternative to the classic bed, for its perfect combination of material, thickness and rigidity.

And then, according to Feng Shui, the head of the bed must point North since it's the positive pole of the Earth and it helps unloading electromagnetic fields. This position also prolongs the REM phase of sleep, which is the most restorative one. We should avoid sleeping with the head pointing South or West.

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