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Dr. Charles Levine’s advice: Christmas gifts for him
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Dr. Charles Levine’s advice: Christmas gifts for him

The local press has traced this old story back to the last century, the one about Dr. Charles Levine and how he was known to entertain friends in his private study on Christmas Eve.

Sitting in front of a roaring fire, Dr. Levine and several of his friends would chat around a bottle of fine botanical gin distilled earlier in the year.

A brief history of Dr. Charles Levine’s Gin

Dr. Levine’s parties were legendary, exclusive gatherings to which any grown up, from twenty to fifty years old, aspired to be asked. But, actually, no one ever heard of invitations and it was always the same people at Dr. Levine’s Christmas Eve parties, year after year. Charles was still in his youth, so these were his childhood and school friends.

Every year, the party would gather in Dr. Levine’s living room to choose the botanicals — herbs, spices and other aromas — which had to marinate in the spirit that turned into the famous Dr. Levine’s Gin, which they drank a week later in the company of many more guests — old friends and new and friends of friends — as soon as the clock struck midnight, marking the beginning of a new year.

These parties weren’t as lavish as Jay Gatsby’s, but this gin made them just as exclusive.

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This is the future of Christmas gifts: Kickstarter inspired by tradition

Not all Kickstarter projects are based on entirely new ideas. In fact, it rarely happens that someone chances upon entirely new ideas.

More often than not, a well known fact, a new discovery or a family tradition turn into something new and original. And it’s happening increasingly on Kickstarter, the extraordinary crowdfunding site that stands for our digital future.

This is how Dr. Charles Levine’s Gin Kit was born, just like last year’s levitating Flyte light-bulb, inspired by the scientific (and personal) rivalry that raged at the end of the nineteen century between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Tesla is a name that, right from the beginning of the third millennium, has repeatedly shown the way to the future.

Flyte & the unshakeable distance between Edison and Tesla
A flying Edison light bulb, just like Tesla dreamt? It does exist, and its name is Flyte.

If you’re wondering if Flyte actually levitates, of course it does. As you can see in the photo. And you can switch it on even if it’s not plugged in to a socket. Just like the iPhone X? No, even better, like an electric toothbrush.

The wireless iPhone: how a wireless charger works
The new iPhone X has just come out, so everyone’s talking about it, but few know how it works.

Men’s Society or grooming, travel, gym and bikes: gifts for hipsters (or wannabes)

This is Bella and Hugo’s story. London, 2008: two young people meet and just like any other couple fall hopelessly in love and start making small gifts and planning surprises for each other. Or at least this is what you see in films.

When the two travel together to Berlin, Bella prepares a small kit so that Hugo can have the perfect shave even when he goes away for a few days. It is a great idea.

In 2012 Bella and Hugo cast off from their former life and start Men’s Society, a brand that within a few years becomes a must for men with an eye for grooming accessories. This is not a Disney film, I swear that it is how it really went.

Kits by Men’s Society have rapidly become the ideal gift for men who pay attention to their appearance, those who travel, work out early in the morning and — of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without — cycling enthusiasts. That means: hipsters from around the world, Bella and Hugo are two people you should meet.

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How to make a gin as good as Dr. Charles Levine’s for your Gatsby party

  1. 1. Get Dr. Charles Levine’s Gin Kit. The kit provides you with all the equipment you need for distilling two extraordinary 350ml bottles of gin, including the Dr. Levine’s exceptional botanical selection.
  2. 2. Get a bottle of your favourite vodka from a trusted source.
  3. 3. Invite your friends round for a merry get together.
  4. 4. Open the kit with your friends, get the bottle of vodka out but don’t open it yet, follow the instructions and have fun.
  5. 5. You have 36 hours to design the bottle labels.
  6. 6. Send the invites for your Gatsby-inspired party. Theme: try what will soon be known as the best gin in town. OK, perhaps you will need more than a 700ml kit for a party in true Gatsby style, but you can decide how many people to invite.

One last piece of advice? You can serve your gin neat or with tonic water. Or you can tryDr. Charles Levine-s favourite cocktail: a Gin Toddy. Heat 60ml of water, add a spoonful of brown sugar, 40ml of your gin, 20ml lemon juice. Stir.

This is how you make a traditional Gin Toddy, but you should know that Dr. Levine never added lemon juice.

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