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Ready for a Christmas to remember? Whether you’re going classic or looking to switch things up, have a ball and deck the house with the coolest ornaments, all while choosing unforgettable gifts for your loved ones.
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They are missing a few weeks at Christmas and although many, like every year, will decide to buy everything that is needed for the last second, there are also the guards who, with the arrival of autumn, decided to organize for the celebrations and for gifts. Lovethesign offers a wide range of alternatives both to decorate your home and table and about what a very interesting gift idea. But let's go into more detail and discover which Christmas themed items can be purchased on Lovethesign.


Those who really have no intention of giving up Christmas decorations, Lovethesign has the opportunity to buy classic garlands. 150 cm long, this garland is perfect to give a personal touch to every kind of environment and to make it cozy. Available in two sizes, it is also perfect to give birth to funny and fun Christmas compositions.


With a diameter of 60 cm, the available crown on Lovethesign is perfect for decorating any kind of environment. Christmas, it is known, is a very important occurrence and, for this reason, it is very difficult to get out of your home or office. Entering more specifically, this crown is available in three different sizes to meet any kind of need. An original idea might be to form some compositions, even using the garlands available on Lovethesign.

Wall hanger

Pin Perfect as a gift or as a decorative element in view of Christmas, the Pin hanger has a size of 12 cm and is made of copper. Easily installed, Pin is a truly original coat rack which, among other things, offers the ability to create many shapes and designs and therefore remain on a Christmas theme but not only. How easy it is to understand, therefore, we have to do with a decorative element that, if desired, could be safely used in every room of the house and therefore not just at the entrance. White wreath "Snowflake" Christmas is the most anticipated event of the year. Families gather the children looking forward to discarding their gifts and having the best is magic. For this reason Snowflake is the perfect garland to embellish the house. With this garland, in fact, you have the ability to donate color and warmth to any kind of environment. Made of wood and fabric, Snowflake is lit by 11 strictly LED lights that produce a warm white light.

"Lightree" floor lamp

Made of polyethylene and therefore completely recyclable, Lightree is the perfect lamp to replace the traditional Christmas tree. Available in both red and white and green, this solution is perfect for those who do not want to give up on a Christmas decor, but has no intention of putting a fir in the house or even a plastic tree in the house. Lightree is equipped with a Led lighting system comfortably adjustable via the remote control. The design of this furniture item is particularly appealing and makes it perfect for any home environment.

Christmas wreath plated in silver   

Everyone who plans to decorate their home in sight of Christmas but do not want to give up a chic touch on Lovethesign have only the embarrassment of choice. Silver plated christmas crowns, for example, are the perfect solution for even the smallest furnishings. These delicate garlands can be attached to any kind of hook. Of course, they can also be used to decorate the Christmas tree. Available in two different sizes, these garlands are the best idea to make your home even more welcoming for Christmas.


Jewelery tree

The more original ones might decide to decorate their home using objects that are far from conventional but very functional. The Jewelery Tree Jewelery Tree does not emerge as a Christmas decoration but it could very well be transformed into a small Christmas tree if adorned with some small figs or a crown perhaps plated in silver hanging. Elegant and sinuous, this jewelery tree is made of glossy aluminum and is perfect for furnishing every corner of the house.

Gold plated slider   

As it is easy to guess, we have to deal with a timeless symbol. Just the sleigh, in fact, is one of the symbols of Christmas. For this reason, Lovethesign has also decided on this delicate and particularly elegant decoration that could be used to decorate the tree to create a corner of the warm and welcoming home to enjoy the winter evenings by candlelight. Being gold plated, the sled is not absolutely lucidable and, above all, it can not be washed in the dishwasher.

Heart and angel decoration   

Strictly gold plated, this set of decorations is ideal for those who do not want to give up the tradition of Christmas without, however, exaggerating. In fact, it is a delicate set and nothing at all excessive that can be used both as a decoration of the tree and as decoration for any other kind of home corner. Wanting, for example, you might suppose to place the set on the fireplace. The set is available in either gold plated or silver plated version. In both cases, polishing is absolutely not recommended to avoid altering the product.

Christmas heart and rose decoration

This gold-plated decoration is a perfect set for those who have decided to decorate a corner of the house to look forward to Christmas in a warm and fun way. With this set, there is nothing embarrassing to the choice: it can be hung, in fact, in the fireplace, in a window, in a jewelery tree or even in the Christmas tree. Since it is a plated object, it is not advisable for any kind of polishing in order not to scratch the surface in an irreparable way.