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The empathic home: hi-tech well-being
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The empathic home: hi-tech well-being

Once again you forgot to check the fridge before going out today, you don’t know if you have enough eggs for tonight’s omelette – and Campbell's tinned soup is only appealing when it’s a poster on the wall.
«There’s an app even for this» is not a futuristic slogan any more: this is our hi-tech life.

Efficiency and energy saving: a winning pair

We can check-up on our home via our smartphones even when we are stuck in the underground during rush hour, and our home automation system will instruct our appliances on what to do while we are out: if and when to turn the heating on, how to adjust the strength of the sprinkler in the garden, when to feed the cat. Efficiency goes hand-in-hand with saving energy, adjusting performance to the requirements of every single apartment.

Our current challenge is to train these software programmes to deal with unforeseen circumstances and to teach them the customs of the inhabitants, shifting the focus from home efficiency to catering to individual needs. Technology can help architecture go beyond its intrinsically rigid structure, and come to life: the goal is to use synchronised digital sensors and to align each home with the needs of its inhabitants, even their last minute requirements.

Egg Armchair in leather

The Italian take: empathy and efficiency

In this scenario, could hi-tech and interior design become each other's competitor in the same market, as they try to turn our homes into structures that require constant supervision and surveillance?

Daniele Lago, CEO and creative director at LAGO, another top Italian brand that has an almost futuristic vision, is trying to prevent this from happening by investing more and more effort into merging these two fields, so they cooperate in keeping the focus on the occupants’ experience of the home.

The secret weapon of Italian design is its humanistic approach, states Lago: it’s time to bring together empathy with efficiency. Architecture isn’t just a structure that houses different technologies, perfectly coordinated: after all it’s still the home where we go to bed every night.

This is why LAGO has invested in Talking Furniture, a project that uses Nfc (Near Field Communication) technology, developed by the Italian start-up MadeUP. The furniture of this collection has a built-in passive microchip and is activated via smartphone, sharing stories and memories incorporated in the table or the bed.

Furniture is increasingly becoming a part of our home life: you won’t have to roll your eyes any more when your partner doesn't remember the day you bought the armchair together, the armchair itself will remind you of that day, sharing the pictures you took, exhausted and really happy, after carrying it up three flights of stairs.

Archiproducts MilanoArchiproducts Milano

Talking Furniture focuses on personal well-being and giving you a pleasant experience of the environment – because nobody better than an Italian knows how important it is to enjoy one’s home.

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