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Salone at first sight, LOVEThESIGN’s project at Milan Design Week 2018
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Salone at first sight, LOVEThESIGN’s project at Milan Design Week 2018

Telling the Salone del Mobile 2018 from a new, unusual, virgin perspective. Remember Achille Castiglioni in the centenary of his birth with a project that reflects his voracious and all-encompassing curiosity. Starting from a detail of its appearance that could never go unnoticed: eyeglasses.

This year the editorial team of LOVEThESIGN wore eyeglasses. Not because he did not see us, but to see otherwise. In the year in which the Show was equipped with a Manifesto that intends to act as a flywheel towards a new way of thinking about the event and the city, we too decided to adopt an innovative perspective from which to tell the event, the brands, the design.

Salone at first sight is a reportage that combines different plans and forms of expression: the aim is to tell seven brands, from Artemide to Zanotta, to as many characters belonging to totally different worlds, such as John Lennon and Vasilij Kandinskij.

You will notice how widespread the frame with the round lenses, like that of Castiglioni. And you will be amazed at how many parallels there are among the projects, recent or iconic, and the aesthetics of these famous figures of the past.

Genius is non-conformity.
Vladimir Nabokov

Eddy Armchair
All Saints mirror
Love in Bloom vase
Yanzi Table Led table lamp

The poet Edoardo Sanguineti defined poetry as a virgin look at reality. We have decided to collect multiple virgin looks on the Salone del Mobile.

We brought seven celebrities known for their memorable spectacle frames to the show and we talked to them about Italian and international design, wearing their glasses, borrowing their perspective on the world.

Inspired by it was the philosophy of Achille Castiglioni, a figure that we intended to pay homage on the centenary of his birth. The Milanese architect and designer collected anonymous objects to celebrate and seal the project.

Pop 2-seater sofa in Indy cotton
Hollywood ottoman - Large
Tonietta chair
Noc Wall lamp

Achille Castiglioni's lesson

Achille Castiglioni had an insatiable curiosity that pushed him to gather continuous cues from the everyday world to enrich their own work and introduce a new concept of beauty, a consequence of functional and productive choices. It seems that, paradoxically, despite being a genius of design, Castiglioni was also able to keep a virgin look at reality.

Thus, we have decided to make two and more types of intelligence communicate, two or more floors: design, the result of observation, creativity and courage, is told to / from entrepreneurs, musicians, actresses, statesmen united by wearing glasses.

Imagine wearing new lenses with them, with us, and you will be catapulted each time into an unmistakable aesthetic: here is the show at first sight. Design will no longer be the same as before.

Taccia Led Table Lamp
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