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HAY's ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design's return to the innovative greatness of the 1950's and 1960's in a contemporary context. HAY operates in the field between architecture and fashion bridging the statics from architecture and the dynamics from fashion. It explores the field of innovation and cutting edge technology.
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Hay Danish Design

The goal of Hay is to bring back the Danish design from the splendid innovations of the fifties and sixties to a contemporary context. Hay's philosophy revolves around the concepts of architecture, sustainable design and high quality at affordable prices. In their search for the perfect product they explore spaces, new technologies and the social forms of today.

Hay is a Danish furniture company founded in 2003 and which aims to bring back the style and the characteristics of the furniture designed and manufactured in Denmark in the fifties and sixties. While doing this however they are positioning their objects in a definitely more modern era through innovative and refined line. The philosophy implemented by Hay, is made from the concept that architecture and design should definitely be sustainable and of high quality. This, however, should be achieved by still trying to keep the prices very affordable. In search of a perfect product spaces are explored, utilizing new technology and combining it with new social forms to create sophisticated and highly effective objects. Hay represents innovation and design with bold features, which are also of very high quality. Hay pursues a particular philosophy, which uses a creative and innovative way of thinking. It does not impose on its designers or limits them with special instructions about which product to be created. Designers have total creative freedom so they can achieve optimal products, which are the fruit of their imagination and the desires. In this way, the designers are not influenced and can create what their imagination proposes, thus realizing products that are definitely unique and have personalized features. A very important aspect for Hay is the architectural context, of the design and technological, but always taking into account the necessary sustainability so that the products are appropriate for the environment and perfect for any style of decor. Hay is composed of a team of designers made up of young talents and established professionals, so as to combine innovation with tradition and by joining the different experiences in special and unique materials. The solutions adopted by Hay are a blend of fashion and architecture in a constant search for innovation. The design proposed by Hay is open and accessible, it is always refined with elegant lines while at the same time portrayed as daring in instances, it is highly effective, scenic and functional. Hay produces both furniture and home accessories, thus able to fully furnish your home.