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Everyone's crazy about Yoga
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Everyone's crazy about Yoga

Currently, Yoga is one of the most popular activity to stay fit. From Michelle Obama to Madonna, from your neighbour to your sister-in-law: today, everybody does Yoga. But how did it become so popular? Those who practise it say that above all it is good for their mind, then for the body and - last but not least - for the mood. Not to mention that you can practise Yoga wherever you want, and autonomously.

Apparently, the important thing is to find our daily routine and the right, peaceful corner where to carve out a moment for ourselves, far from stress, smartphones and noises.

Ommm: tranquillity first

Yoga is a sport that involves both mind and body. The oriental philosophies that founded this discipline suggest to practise Yoga in a setting able to stimulate our concentration and to make us feel peaceful and relaxed.

If you don't have at your disposal a whole room dedicated to Yoga, you don't have to worry, of course: you can always find a place in your home that is suitable for your practise.

The best solution would be a corner exposed to natural light and with the walls painted in clear or neutral colours, inspiring a sensation of serenity. If your home is all painted in very strong and bright colours, there's no need for you to turn into a painter: prints, wallpaper or abstract and relaxing paintings (like natural views) are a functional and convenient solution.

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Inhale, exhale, smell, listen

Yoga involves all senses. In fact, another essential element of your “Yoga corner” is the scent: in order to reach your daily Nirvana you need a setting with a pleasant smell, like a personal SPA with potpourri, incense and candles.

Now your corner is close to how you imagined it? Then you can add a further touch with some plants: they purify, clean the air and add a pinch of cheerfulness to the room. There's no need to create a botanic garden in your living room, a touch of green is enough, and the deed is done.

Now let's talk about hearing. Noises are an important issue here, especially for those who live in the city. In order to make your Yoga corner quiet and harmonious, you can use the right music: it creates joy and well-being, it makes you relax and free your creativity. Let's take some portable speakers, connect to Spotify and enjoy your favourite playlist.

Open-air Yoga

Relaxation and nature are often soulmates. Be it for the calming power of green, or because staying in the open air is relaxing for the body, but practising Yoga in the open air is even more beautiful and stimulating. Our home garden is one of the best places yo do it. A peaceful corner far from other people that could distract us with their curiosity. Because we have to admit it: a good Yoga practitioner is very fascinating!

The best solution would be choosing a flat surface for our mat or cloth. Don't let the images you find on the Internet fool you: you always need something to lie down on and complete your morning Yoga practice (although it's not necessary for your profile picture). Another option could be the terrace, if it's large enough to allow us moving on the mat: it's not very relaxing trying to improvise the dog pose trapped between a flower pot and a beach chair!

If none of these options is available, but you don't want to give up the pleasuer to practise Yoga in the open air, you just have to go to the park, possibly early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when it's less crowded.

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Create your routine

It doesn't matter how passionate you are: with your job, other things to do, friends and family, it is not always easy to find the time to devote to your favourite sport.
In order to become expert Yoga practitioners you have to carve out some time every day (or at least almost every day) to practice Yoga with constancy and regularity and to make your “Yoga time” part of your daily and weekly routine.

In the same way we aways have time to brush our teeth or to cook our meals, we should find some time for our Yoga sessions every day. It's better to do Yoga 10-15 minutes every day, than 2 hours from now and then. Regularity is better than quantity. And doing your exercise always in the same place will help you creating the right routine.

What are you waiting for? Take your mat, speakers and good will, and let's Yoga!

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