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5 tips for decorating a Scandinavian style home
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5 tips for decorating a Scandinavian style home

More than a style, the Scandinavian style is a real philosophy of life. The clean and sober Nordic decor, which combines functionality and aesthetics while remaining cozy and refined, was part of the Scandinavian culture long before it became a trend.

Rethinking your home under the sign of Scandinavian design means furnishing it with an essential style that goes well with any complement, made of few elements, which leaves free expression to your life.

If you bring Scandinavia in your heart and the hygge life is the goal you want to achieve in 2018, you just have to follow these 5 tips to decorate your home in Scandinavian style.

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Wooden design furniture

When you think about Northern countries, you think of cold weather.

But the Scandinavians have developed their own way of fighting it, because being well within the walls of the house is the first rule.

White on the walls to illuminate the rooms as much as possible and lots of wood to isolate them from the outside and heat them up. Choose white and light colors for walls, fixtures, finishes, and combine an essence of wood with light and bright shades typical of the northern forests, such as oak, birch or walnut, possibly treated to natural to enhance the texture keeping all the peculiarities.

You can use wood in your home in many ways: from the parquet to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the windows, and tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes. Scandinavians really do everything with wood, even children's games, like Kai Bojsen's famous little monkey.

Style icons

It's true, many design icons were designed by Italians. Nevertheless, we must recognize that Scandinavia is not far behind.

Hans Wegner,Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto are just some of the historical architects and designers born in that language of the Old Continent, authors of timeless pieces.

So much so that today the modern Nordic furniture brands also reproduce objects designed more than seventy years ago, precisely because they are timeless classics.

One Step Up bookcase
Series 7 Chair in wood
Alvar Aalto vase H 9.5 cm
Ray table
Afteroom bar stool


The Scandinavians have an obvious love for geometries, which are incredibly integrated into these simple environments only in appearance.

It's like when you discover that great musicians are also skilled mathematicians: they are two sides of the same surprisingly complementary medal.

In the Scandinavian style, linearity and essentiality are a fixed couple with the rigor of geometric shapes and color blocks. Lovers of contrasts, such as black and white, the Scandinavians love to integrate the squared and clear lines with the softer and blunt ones. You can do it too, especially if you follow my next advice to the letter.

Soft tones

Choose a palette and follow it meticulously. To furnish in Scandinavian style, in fact, you have to pay particular attention to the choice of colors that will characterize your home.

They must be bright, reflective, but also natural and organic to give warmth to the environment. It combines the texture of wood, leather and stone with optic white and light colors, such as pastel or the whole range of beige or taupe, to be broken with purely designed points of black, to enhance contrasts and give and character to the environment.

Do not forget to punctuate the whole house of plants: ideal is the intense emerald green of a rhododendron or a monstera. The greener there is, the better!

Comfort, even outdoors

Who said that the hygge is only worth at home? Do you know that as soon as a ray of sunlight makes its way through those heavy clouds, Swedes and Danes spill out into the streets and parks?

The truth is that they love being outdoors: it is not by chance that the leading brands of modern Scandinavian design such as Hay, Trimm or Muuto dedicate the same attention to the outdoors to the interiors.

To really be in line with the Nordic style, however, remember that even in the garden the same rules apply!

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