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Relaxation and warmth: the 5 must-haves for your mountain house
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Relaxation and warmth: the 5 must-haves for your mountain house

It’s holiday time! Some people spend the summer on hot beaches, others love to visit art cities and then there are those who prefer to take shelter in their house on the mountains, in the fresh air. Here are some tips to find the most suitable furnishing solutions for your lodge in the mountain.

Credits: Jorgen HalandCredits: Jorgen Haland


Charcoal gray stone walls; white ceilings with beams; elegant furniture and ivory and beige accessories; throw pillows and textiles in forest green or red, why not. Warm and natural colours for a room that inspires calm, peace and relaxation, where wood reigns supreme. Is this how you imagine it?

Anyway, when we talk about mountain houses it is better to avoid bold combinations of colours and too fashionable solutions. A dark blue wall is very chic but it just doesn’t fit in your nest up the mountains. 


A padded couch is a must-have in any mountain house. When you are done trekking and come back home, everyone leave their shoes and boots outside and choose their spot next to the fireplace, getting ready for the evening.

What couch to choose: the one that is comfortable at a first glance, that is soft and cosy and inspires a sense of harmony and relaxation. It is perfect in the summer as well as in the winter because it is never too warm up the mountains. It is the perfect corner where to lie down reading a book or browsing a magazine or some news on the Internet. You will never want to leave it.

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Think about the beginning of many movies. First scene: the interior of a house; a couch with a blanket on it. Or: a room with wooden furniture, a throw at the end of the bed. In both cases you know from the first moment where the setting is: on the mountains, of course!

You don’t need to have a tartanthrow and classics are not always the most elegant choice. And of course now that the heat is suffocating it seems absurd to buy lots of blankets. Someone might criticise the timing of your shopping.But when the sun goes down and a chilly wind from the mountain starts blowing, everybody will ask you for a throw to curl up on the porch and watch the sunset.


Have you ever had the pleasure to light the fire in the evening of August 15? While you look at the pictures of your friends struggling against mosquitos, you listen to the crickets in the green out of the window. The best nights in the mountains take place aorund the fire, those nights that strengthen a friendship. But a bunch of wood is not enough to make your night perfect, you need some small objects.

First of all some cushions to sit down on the floor. Then some stem glasses for the wine. Some other glasses for liquors lovers. Mugs for herbal teas. A tray to serve and a snacks kit. Because no matter what’s the season the fireplace is always perfect to have a nice chat all together.

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Spending the holidays in the mountain also means enjoying abundant and tasty meals with your guests. There are some mandatory stops during any trip: a store for the basics and then small shops to buy local specialties. Light and fresh food only: like the polenta with roe deer meat or with local cheeses for the vegetarians.

Do you need anything else? Copper pots. And then a lot of plates, cutlery, containers and casseroles. You have to be always ready in the mountains, just in case.

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