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L'atelier du Vin

L'Atelier du Vin provides specialized in utensils and equipment for wine-making, bottling and serving since 1926. Today, thanks to its constant research, L'Atelier du Vin with its wine tools is the only specialist able to cover every step of wine's life, from the cellar to the glass.
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Tasting a good bottle of wine requires more than just a glass and a corkscrew. It's almost a ritual that takes time and know-how in order to fully flavor the talent that the wine we are going to sip will show to our palate.

L 'Atelier du vin, as the name suggests, manufactures quality products to make the wine experience really special. Since 1926, this brand is specialized in the design and production of objects for both wine tasting and the study of the wine world. The inspiration for the creation of objects that accompany the taster from the cellar up to the table, comes directly from vintners that regularly collaborate with Atelier du vin. The observation of the men and women who cultivate a vineyard and produce wine indicates to the designers of Atelier du vin which way to go for the creation of their objects. Most of them, as well as the collections, are characterized by their sobriety, discretion, and solidity. Sobriety and discretion because wine does not require ostentation or exuberance; solidity because the quality of materials perfectly matches the quality of the product we are going to enjoy. Solidity also like that of the object that is going to accompany us in our exploration of the wine universe. According to the philosophy of the French company, beautiful objects are above all good objects. The close relationship with winemakers is therefore fundamental for the knowledge of wine itself. To appreciate it, in fact, first of all we need to know it. The knowledge allows the increase of the tasting pleasure so to identify all flavours and shades in a more conscious way. Learning more about the wine means drinking better. And it is time to spread the knowledge of wine: therefore Atelier du vin proposes, for example, a series of manuals and interesting quiz, available in several languages including Mandarin, about the world of wine in general, organic wine, and Bordeaux wine.

For each category of objects, Atelier du vin has created various forms and collections because each type of wine is an experience in itself, which tells the story of a territory and of the families of wine-growers and producers. For example, each of the corkscrew model was created thinking of a different way to open the bottle and the manufacturing of baskets for cooling is characterized by the awareness that wine needs to be served at the right temperature to release all its flavours and scents. An experience, that of Atelier du vin, that over the decades has been able to transit from tradition to innovation to become what it is today: a specialized brand with dozens of outlets that deals with wine from the cellar to the table. The eye for innovation has made possible the invention of various tools for corking bottles, to create unique objects of their kind. In 2005, for example, the brand created and put on the market Chic Lady, the first corkscrew designed specifically for women. Still about innovation, we want to remind that the Atelier du vin team is made up of a multiplicity of high-level professionals: creative, industrial graphics, publishers, researchers. However this team has preserved a family imprint in which experience is handed down an reinvented generation after generation. A group, a family that loves wine in all its aspects, first of all the cultivation of vineyards in the Champagne region.

Of course the pleasure of the wine experience must be accessible to everybody as long as the protagonist is a good bottle of wine. That's why Atelier du vin offers items and collections to suit all tastes and all budgets. Corkscrews, for example: they are all of excellent quality, but with prices starting from € 30 up to € 369 for a professional product. For those wishing, instead, a complete kit for the opening of the bottles, the box price is € 170; a very good idea for an original and refined Christmas present. Atelier du vin also realizes glasses, coasters, pourers and drip savers, jugs of all shapes and cooling baskets. And finally, how can we forget the excellent combination of a good wine with cheese and fresh bread? Hence the set of cutting boards and knives cannot miss on a table characterized by good taste and attention to detail.

Tradition, innovation, simplicity and solidity are the characteristics that jump immediately to the eye observing and handling all products by Atelier du vin. A decades-long tradition carried on by a family that loves wine in all its expressions, and which runs the company knowing that innovation and quality are the basis for a long-lasting success. For wine lovers, but also for those in the wine world are approaching the selection of the Atelier du vin products, it is the way to surround yourself with objects made with skill. Whether it is for a Christmas gift or for another special occasion by choosing a subject of Atelier du vin will be certain to have given a quality product that will surely meet the taste of those who receive it and will raise the curiosity of friends and family who will love design and elegance.