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Rules for the Homecation Club
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Rules for the Homecation Club

Homecation is a word Ilari, my colleague, brought to my attention. She heard it on the radio one morning on her way to the office, and we talked about it over coffee. I got curious and took a gander on the internet: seven thousand results on Google aren't so many - as it is not yet a trend - but there are long articles and short videos as well as people speaking about how they are convinced that it will have great success in the future.

But what exactly is a homecation?

Home Sweet Home

It’s a mix of home and vacation. Homecation essentially means going on vacation, but not actually going anywhere. This doesn't sound too enticing. Urban Dictionary, the online bible of slang and new vocabulary, goes back to 2008 for the word’s origins and offers a definition that, in recent years, received 15 positive and 4 negative votes.

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What follows is a fitting example:

With the money we saved in travel expenses, hotels, and meals, we fixed up our home and are on a permanent homecation.

Stay at home, get everything in order, get a whole new feel on the freedom of travel. It’s more than just a necessity. So when did the homecation come about?

Homecation: splendour at home

It’s 2008, the recession is just starting to settle in, the markets are spiralling out of control. It’s hard not to feel helpless when reading the Urban Dictionary definition. You hear the echo of a question read between the lines: what happened to exotic holidays and luxury resorts?

It’s 2017, the recession never quite went away but we've just lived with it, while homecation is gaining in style, now without the bitter aftertaste of defeat. And what’s long and gone - along with our money – is the negative tone that goes along with homecation, now something cool, positive, interesting. It’s also used in a playful sense: ;Enjoy your homecation, dude!

Spending your holidays at home - and doing so by turning your home into a personal resort - has become a fascinating trend: the most essential and genuine form of relaxation.

So is this true?

Rules for the Homecation Club

Whether true or not, sooner or later each one of us will probably join the Homecation Club. It will save you a bundle and the benefits for your house will be invaluable.

So if you really want to make up a new term for the sweet goodness of doing nothing, here are the real rules for joining the Homecation Club. Don't forget to turn your home into a resort. Don’t cook yet still overeat. If a friend wants you to go out, accept right away without pretending that you're abroad. And, that evening as well, remember the first rule of the Homecation Club: You do not talk about Homecation Club.

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