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How to furnish a small home
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How to furnish a small home

Furnishing a small home is a real challenge under the banner of two key words: comfort and organization. Whether it's a city retreat or a pied-à-terre in the countryside, a mini-apartment can offer all the intimacy and practicality we need. You just need to design it and furnish it carefully.

A house is a machine for living.
Le Corbusier

Space-saving ideas

Even a studio can seem spacious: the important thing is that the light is free to cross the rooms. Go ahead then to retractable or modular furnishings, ingenious storage solutions and intelligent partitions, perhaps inspired by sliding panels typical of Japanese homes. And if the internal space is unique, it can also be functionalized through the use of different materials, perhaps in contrast.

There is only one prohibition: to renounce one's own passions. Are you a serial collector of books? Do you like to invite friends over for dinner and maybe host for the night who drank a little too much? Here are three tricks that will make you forget about living in a mini apartment.

1. Use your walls

Walls offer some excellent storage opportunities. Hanging furniture and shelves are ideal to accommodate all the novels you have read and also the souvenirs of your travels around the world, without weighing down the space. Especially if you live in a historic building and the ceilings are high.


Step wall shelf
Libra Wall Bookcase H 130 cm
Bookworm bookcase - 7 bookends

2. Choose multitasking furniture

To eliminate the superfluous there is no better solution than the multitasking furniture, suitable for temporary living, for homes that are increasingly versatile and open to sharing: the armchair-bed, the table with integrated light, the pouf-container and even the pouf with integrated speaker.

Indie sofa bed with black structure
Nomad Tablet table - round
Bon Bon bedside - small table with left door and base
Kubik low pouf with leather top
Focus storage unit
The Box storage unit/seat W 80cm
Componibile 3-piece storage container
Benny cotton chair-bed

3. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes

The trump card in a well-furnished little house? Transformable furniture, which offers maximum compositional flexibility. Objects capable of responding to different needs, such as hosting anyone we want for dinner.

credits: Manuel Ocaña arquitectoscredits: Manuel Ocaña arquitectos

Furnishing a small home: 3 additional tips

With the right choices of interior design, colors and materials, even a mini home can be cozy and comfortable.

A first essential factor is light: a bright environment also seems more airy. And to reflect light, the trick is to focus on light and neutral colors, to liven up with contrasting details and to combine polished finishes or strategically placed mirrors. An easy way to increase the feeling of continuity and amplitude? Choose the same material or the same nuance for the walls, the ceiling and the floors.

Casa FL, credits: Fabio MantovaniCasa FL, credits: Fabio Mantovani

You will then have to avoid overcrowding: if you can not hear more about Marie Kondo, try at least to keep in order by taking advantage of all the spaces at your disposal.

Finally, a suggestion of style: prefer minimal and linear furnishings. They will turn your home into an oasis of calm.

Krossing 100x100 wall bookcase
Nemesi coffee table
String S6A kitchen shelving system
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