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Monkey Business

Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994, providing fresh perspectives on the little things that make up your day, whether at home, at the office or outdoors. It believes in affordable design that combines an original idea with looks and functionality. It aims to create practical, useful, durable products that meet everyday needs.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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Since 1994 Monkey Business adds a special touch to everyday life, giving a new perspective on the little things in your home, office or outdoors. The company believes in an accessible design that combines original ideas, beauty and practicality. Its goal is to create practical objects, which are useful and durable and meet the daily needs.

The objects that surround us every day are many, and often when we use them we do not even look at them, due to the rush to do everything well, and the need to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible. But the quality of life, by contrast, is made up of small details: something beautiful in your home can make it serene and get you ready for the day, and the daily grind. This is the line of thought of the designers of Monkey Business, an Israeli brand which today markets its products worldwide. The motto of the brand is to add the extra to the ordinary, the English phrase that could be translated into Italian "aggiungi qualcosa in più a ciò che è ordinario, usuale, quotidiano".

This is exactly what, in 1994, the founder of the company Oded Friedland, who today is a professor at the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem Bazalel, began doing. Starting from a small family business, he took the items most commonly used in our everyday life; those that are used in cooking, such as potholders, those used in the bathroom, such as the toilet paper rolls, and revisited them in a new and unusual way. Every little thing, even the most trivial, can be reinvented with imagination, as if it were seen through the eyes of a child.

In this way even the smallest gestures take on a different flavor, and very often, even chores become more fun. But the objects of Monkey Business are not only cute and curious: they are especially practical and functional, because this is another of the corporate objectives that the company cares most about. Very often, designers are so concerned about the form that they forget about the functionality of the object they are drawing. The pieces sold by Monkey Business, however, are always packed with robust materials, practical and easy to handle, and most importantly fulfill the purpose for which they were created. Only as a secondary purpose, they should also be pleasing to the eye, and why not, draw a smile every time you take them in hand. Why not try? As in a film, even the most common objects can be special, thanks to the creativity and the fantasy of the experienced professionals of Monkey Business. With a small price, you can take home a great idea!


Creame Scene is the hot idea of Peleg Design, a brand created in 2004 by Shahar Peleg, a young talent from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). By reinterpreting the magical vision of Monkey Business, Peleg is able to combine in every object, functionality and aesthetic beauty. Key Pete Gold is also his design, a strongman that is attached to the wall, to hold your house keys and Royal Magnets, accessories from the fridge magnet line.