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5 Instagram accounts for '90s nostalgia
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5 Instagram accounts for '90s nostalgia

Once we used to gather news through newspapers, today we have our Instagram feed. Times change together with our ways to kill time, whether it is on our way to work in the mornings or on the sofa at the end of the day.

The Internet era was a real revolution and you know it, but you always want to keep a foot in the past, where your roots and your heritage are. You must admit you suffer from a bit of analog days nostalgia. 

If you miss the 90s as much as I do, here are 5 Instagram profiles you definitely have to follow.

I-Wood iPhone
My first camera Game
Crosley Spinnerette Record player
Terrace Speaker - Lamp - Powerbank
Back to School print with frame
Ovo speaker

90s and postcards 

I really miss postcards. In particular the trashier ones: how could they be normal in the 80s and 90s?

I often wondered how could a graphic designer put fluorescent colors, improbable writings and kittens wearing sunglasses on a random pic of the gulf of Naples, but these questions will never be answered. 

For all the rest, you just have to scroll through the feed of @cartoleena, which collects the most bizarre postcards from all over the world.

Shops in Milan

In the old days, shops used to close once a week. 

Sundays had an aura of sacredness, synonymous with family lunch until 6 PM and hours of sleep afterwards. @chiusodidomenica collects photos of all the lowered shutters in the streets of Milan, allowing you to figure out how classic Sundays were in Milan. 

Vintage clothes

T-shirts are a means of communication, even to these days. From favorite bands to drinks, from TV shows to the cities you have visited, your t-shirt is like your business card, an effective way to make people immediately understand who you are.

If you have a few left in the drawer, you're lucky! Alternatively, there is @thisoldtshirt  that collects the most original ones in circulation.

Sneakers Print
Peace round mirror
Cool colour print
Jagger doormat
6 liqueur glasses Diseguale - colors assorted
Shopping cart Game Set

Murder, she wrote

Italians have always loved crime series, but one in particular has become an icon: I am obviously talking of Jessica Fletcher.

Her surprised expressions and that look she had as soon as she discovered something is a certainty of our childhood - and of the profile@murdershelook.

Signs lover

If you're creative, you know it: the past is the best source of inspiration. It is no coincidence that the retro style is back - let's face it, in terms of style and creativity our grandparents were second to none.

If you are passionate about graphics, I can guarantee you that you will love @letteringdabologna, which collects all the best signs of Bologna, Italy.

Hello wall decoration
Spectacle Repair Kit
Nido cuckoo clock
In Bauhaus we Trust poster
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