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Food Festivals in Italy: Autumn is the time to go!
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Food Festivals in Italy: Autumn is the time to go!

Albert Camus says that Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. I have a way more materialistic approach: I already smell the roast chestnuts and the taste of honey without forgetting all the other products that this wonderful season offers.

To be able to enjoy all these delights before winter comes, with its much colder (and partly less fascinating and colorful) weather, there are the autumn-themed festivals. I collected my favorite ones:

you just have to choose a Region and go for all these goodness.

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Food festivals in Northern Italy

Our journey begins in Lombardy, and more precisely in Mariano Comense, near the Como Lake, where the sixth edition of the Organic and Natural Products Fair is held. On September 28th, 29th and 30th, do not miss the chance to find out more about the organic world and the traditions of the territory.

Another event you should attend, not too far, is the MeleMiele an agri-food exhibition in Baceno, in Piedmont. From November 1st to 4th you will have the opportunity to fully experience the biological culture of this area, accompanied by workshops and fun moments for adults and children.

Per chi ama i sapori dolci, c'è MeleMiele a Baceno. Per gli amanti della polenta, c'è la sagra a Vigasio.MeleMiele in Piedmont is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Otherwise, there's always a good dish of polenta.

You'd rather go for a good polenta dish? In Vigasio, near Verona, there will be a fully dedicated festival from October 11th to November 4th. 

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From Eurochocolate to the Truffle Festival, for more refined flavors

You are among those who cannot resist chocolate? Then you cannot miss the 2018 edition of Eurochocolate. From 19 to 28 October, Perugia is ready to welcome all chocolate lovers in its heart: ready to discover all the wonderful ways in which you can taste cocoa?

In Tuscany, more precisely in Certaldo, from October 5th to 7th, the Boccaccesca festival will feature a series of round tables about food and its social value. 

If you are looking for even more refined tastes, and you are in Central Italy, then you should definitely go to Sant'Angelo in Vado delle Marche. From October the 13th to 28th and then on November the 3rd and 4th, this small city becomes the kingdom of truffles, thanks to the 55th edition of the White Truffle exhibition. A true paradise on earth!

Si avvicina l'edizione 2018 di Eurochocolate, il festival del cioccolato a PerugiaFor those who cannot resist chocolate: Eurochocolate 2018 in Umbria, Central Italy

Events and festivals in Sicily and Sardinia: flavors and typical products

If you love the scents and hospitality of Sardinia, you can not miss the initiative in Autumn in Barbagia, a promotional showcase in this wonderful region. Lula, Gavoi, Belvi but not only: the countries involved are really many, all promoters of the beauty and flavors of this beautiful area.

The journey of flavors ends in Sicily, specifically in Catania. In October the Ottobrata Zafferanese is waiting for you: an event you cannot miss, under the banner of the typical Sicilian products, but also of music and art.

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