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Marco: Christmas is all in the table… and timing!
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Marco: Christmas is all in the table… and timing!

Christmas in Italy has its own traditions, like a well-defined ritual that stays constant over time. For starters, you need a large table and tons of chairs. Dishes and cutlery, glasses and placeholders, tablecloths and napkins round it all out.

So everyone sits around and pours some wine for themselves and those around them (grandparents even serve grandchildren). Only then do the festivities begin: dishes shuffle out of the kitchen ready for grub time.

And so we eat, for hours and hours, filled with chit-chat, stories, gossip and all the rest.

The eternal struggle between late and on time

In Italy, whatever the occasion may be, a perfectly set table is the centre of the celebration and for Marco, our logistics coordinator, no truer words could be said. And he's been working non-stop for some months now on this. His advice: get a head start.

However, a stunning Christmas table requires a lot of prep time, specific choices and perfect timing. Whether it’s the orders or the couriers bringing them, Marco never tires of fighting for his great passion: a lavish table.

2 Kastehelmi glasses
Dolce Artu cake stand
2 Passion Burgundy Glasses

4 questions for Marco on tables and his Xmas

1 • Marco, the talk of the office is your timeliness; are you like that at Christmas too?
It’s very timely, indeed. I always look forward to Christmas. Wrapping the gifts the day before, and some a few days later. I’ve pretty much ordered everyone’s and also received and wrapped them. You can’t wait till the last minute!
My wife is actually against it, as I always hide the gifts all around the house. So every year we find products for the Christmas table that I order on the morning of the 25th from LOVEThESIGN. Setting the table at the last minute: what anxiety.

2 • At your house how do you celebrate? Are you the cook?
For us, Christmas dinner needs to be at home; it’s a tradition. Family in full force and an absolutely perfect organization: the brand of the year is Wik&Walsoe, which matches perfectly with everything. Amazing!
In reality, I take on the responsibility of wines: I spent some time as a barman, but nobody knows that. My wife, however, is a pro in the kitchen. I admit that I’m not a fan of last-minute table setting, but it’s all worth it when the food is on the table in full force.

Alv oval plate
Lys plate medium
Dressed Coaster

3 • Timeliness is your forte. What’s your secret to getting your gifts on time?
Good question: I’ve been dying to get my two secrets off my back for years to avoid unnecessary despair pre-Christmas time. First and foremost: Start Early. This week I bought wine glasses so the table is ready. Secondly, have a look at products that are ready for delivery: you don’t want to get your uncle’s shaving kit a week late with nothing to do.
At any rate, it makes no sense to wait until the last minute: whether online or in traditional stores, if you start shopping a week before Christmas, you’ll never get what you want.

4 • Two gifts you’d like to get come Christmas?
This year we’ve got big news. Great news! The LOVEThESIGN logistics department awaits the birth of its next little prince, my son! I’m solely focused on the kids section of the website these days.
For my 2016 wish list on the site, I have both the crib and the baby table from the Oliver Wood Furniture collection: if someone from my family is hearing this, I’ll take care of the delivery.

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