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Spring cleaning: how to clean your house quickly and thoroughly
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Spring cleaning: how to clean your house quickly and thoroughly

Like every year, the beautiful season also brings with it the long-awaited spring cleaning time. The ideal time to clean your house thoroughly and get some order. But how can it be done without getting too tired?

Rule number 1: method

As with most things to do, everything becomes easier if we start having method. Dividing housekeeping with roommates or partner helps to finish first and especially to lighten everyone's work. If instead we have to do everything by ourselves, we just need to organize ourselves and create a weekly routine (to which, however, we have to abide by will)!

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Where to start?

Keep in mind that, first of all, it is important to get everything you need to clean and wipe away everything that gets in our way: from the pillows in the room to the remote control on the table in the living room. Once the entire environment is cleared, it will be easier to start cleaning thoroughly.

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How to clean the bathroom?

The bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. No time to do it? It takes 5 minutes every day: give a deep bleach pass and open the window immediately to ventilate.

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Kitchen cleaning: the oven

A secret trick? To clean well and degrease the oven, three simple ingredients can be enough: vinegar, baking soda and salt.

How to clean carpets?

For a sanitized and clean carpet, we only need: white wine vinegar, bicarbonate, coarse salt and corn starch. And yes, a little elbow grease!

@ The Creative Exchange - Unsplash@ The Creative Exchange - Unsplash
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