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Summer Feeling: 5 must have for your summer place
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Summer Feeling: 5 must have for your summer place

Summer has officially begun: it’s holiday time! That you use it for the weekend, to take a break from the suffocating routine of the city, or for a longer period (the long-awaited summer holidays!), the holiday house must be a comfortable and relaxing place. 

Here are 5 must-haves for your beach house.


Can you have a beach house without any shell? While having a walk on the beach,shells are the first souvenir at your disposal: an easy and cheap way to add a seafaring touch to your home. In addition to a pleasant colour match between the crockery and the tablecloth, a couple of shells can be an elegant choice as a centrepiece. Liguria, Versilia, Sardinia, Salento: it is not always easy to find some nice shells.

A good alternative? Lanterns. You can find lanterns in countless shapes and colours, and they are perfect to illuminate your summer dinners on the terrace, especially if you use lemongrass scented candles: in that case they will also keep mosquitoes away, the loyal and detested companions of your summer nights. 

Porto Vecchio garden sun bed
Acapulco lounge chair
Patio umbrella with side pole 3x3
DWL lantern medium
Stars beach towel


Sailing boats on the blue sea. Some white wooden furniture is indispensable to add a touch of class to the beach house. A desk with Nordic lines, a cabinet with slightly curved surfaces, and the charm of fishermen’s old wooden boats enters the living room.

But be careful to not exceed in your combinations. The purpose is to create the right mix of shapes and shades of colour, in order to obtain a natural look. Your beach house must be decorated in a simple, fresh and almost naive way, so that you can enjoy it at its best. 


So now we have some white. It’s the turn of blue and the thousands shades of light blue. It doesn’t matter if it’s one wall in the living room, the fridge in the kitchen or the curtains in the bedroom: just pick the detail you prefer and paint it with the colours of the sea. Only one caution: do not exceed. Remember that blue is also the colour of smurfs. 

The last detail for achieving a perfect seafaring style are the stripes. Follow the trend of the season and decorate your home with fabrics that perfectly match the t-shirts of your most fashionable guests. Tea cloths, throw cushions and fabrics for an original decor with a flavour of Brittany. 

Oasi 3 canopy
Fish cushion cover


Some people choose beach chairs, others prefer beach loungers, or wood and fabric director chairs to better enjoy the sunset. Everybody have their favourite chair to enjoy the warm but pleasant weather by the sea.

Two alternatives to relax and laze in an unconventional way? The hammock and the swinging chair. The sea breeze can rock you for hours while you read that book you are waiting to start since Christmas. And nobody will blame you if you fall asleep.


Summer is when you do everything you don’t have time to do during the rest of the year: you enjoy all your spare time with the friends you never have time to hang out with. And to begin the long series of endless happy hours and dinners you need a very large table. The tablecloth? Don’t worry about it, in most cases it is unnecessary. 

In the summer, placemats are often the perfect solution, simple and fresh. Fabric placemats for a long breakfast before spending the day on the beach, or cord placemats for an informal but also very chic night. 

Kartio set of 2 glasses
2 Volterra table mats
California kingsize hammock with cushion and Canoa stand
Modesta hammock chair with Romano stand
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