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Fine Little day

Fine Little Day is a synonym for simple luxury, real craftsmanship and natural beauty. It loves wobbly lines and messy hair, and thinks that perfection is to be found in imperfection. Fine Little Days thinks that there's no need to look very far away to find some magic, because magic is in everyday life.
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Fine Little Day is a synonym for simple luxury, real craftsmanship and natural beauty. It loves wobbly lines and messy hair, and thinks that perfection is to be found in imperfection. Fine Little Days thinks that there's no need to look very far away to find some magic, because magic is in everyday life.

Fine Little Day is a small company that was founded in 2007 by the creative genius of a blog curated by Elisabeth Dunker, a Swedish photographer and creative with multiple talents. Her blog, in which she published pictures of his daily life, glimpses of landscapes, images of her study, of her country house and her cats, in a short time has attracted millions of viewers all around the world and it has been included in the list of the best blogs by various newspapers, including the New York Times and Vogue. From the blog originated a book, Fine Little Day, where images communicate emotions better than words can do. The book was translated into many languages including Korean and Japanese, it has been a great success and its pages have met hands, eyes and places from all over the world. The collaboration between Elisabeth Dunker and Ulrika E. Engberg gave life to this small precious company, which is quite extraordinary for its disinterest in popularity contests and marketing strategies. In fact, the main purpose of the company is to remain faithful to itself and to its core mission: to bring emotion in people's everyday life, also with an ethical attention to the environment and the quality of life of its workers. Basically, Fine Little Day is a world of its own.

Its products, characterized by gently naive lines, tell with the greatest spontaneity, innocence and simplicity people's everyday life, made of small items, home decorations and accessories for adults with a soul and children that joy is not so difficult to be found. The purity and integrity of Fine Little Day strike you all the time, decorating the rooms and using the accessories by this company. Even a cute tea cloth or a small painting with a sulky pear, can tell how fairy tales are in the small gestures of every day. The materials used to produce these little reminders of beauty are preferably natural and also thanks to these materials everyday life turns into poetry and fairy tale. The irony of the childish drawings, obtained with a few strokes, transmits joy, and the funny characters represented in the precious decorations and views of the countryside are a constant reminder of nature. And for this company nature is on one hand a great teacher who seems to have skilled painters when we are looking at a birch, while on the other it is part of the mankind that needs to keep dreaming and to be guided in a dreamlike atmosphere and at the slow pace that is the very essence of life. Browsing the pages of the catalogue, we meet pottery of all kinds that reproduces the precious arts of nature, or printed fabrics with a repetition of firs drawn with flickering lines like those in children's drawings; or again we find giant buttons decorated with faces and colourful animals, stickers, prints and wrapping paper, greeting cards with adorable pictures of bunnies and various animals, and of course cats, relaxed and immersed in the pleasure of enjoying life. Natural cords to decorate wrapped gifts, sketchbook with prints of drawings by various artists from around the world, in particular Mogu Takahashi. Pillows, prints on linen with wooden shaft and leather lanyard to hang it on the wall, posters, socks, aprons, tablecloths and towels, blankets, sheets, wall decorations, woven baskets. The materials used are many and preferably natural, such as linen, cotton, wool with beautiful frame decorations, paper in its various uses, the wood harvested from the beach which becomes the shaft that support the wonderful dreamcatchers made of painted ceramic, glass, leather, but also birch bark to weave useful baskets.

The dream comes to us, every little detail is fantastic, funny, original. The soul can breath again and the real pleasure of life reappears from our chaotic days darkened by stress, rush and work, to open its eyes in an environment where even a simple poster stuck to the wall, remind us how to enjoy life also thanks to the smallest joys, and how easy it is for a spontaneous smile to reach our lips again thanks to a blanket that keeps us warm in a cold night. Children accessories are exciting, a simple pair of socks can turn their cold feet in two hedgehogs going for a walk, and they have the power to create tales to tell, by stimulating the imagination of the children. The aprons, ornated by the a fantasy of small fir trees repeated in flickering lines, may attract children and let us rediscover the pleasure of baking biscuits together on a rainy Sunday. Everything is beauty and art, mainly art of living. A philosophical message, a loving advice, a warm hug. Fine Little Day is all these things. A company with a great content represented with simple shapes, ruffled, flickering and authentic, with the purpose of bringing us to a place where we can be completely relaxed, knowing that perfection is not the right goal because it doesn't belong to us. Uniqueness, instead, is inevitable in each and every person, as well as it is in every object, from bed linen to funny pillows, from blankets to concrete and glass shelves to be combined in many different ways. Life is a dream and the dream has to be continuously present and lively, interior but also clear and manifest, an everyday goal to achieve, in order to remain in contact with the inner nature of each of us and to stay true to that uniqueness that distinguishes every person from the others. A need that is instinctive like their drawings and that, once found, will be a great inspiration for every person who will look down on the pages of this small company's catalogue which includes wonderful masterpieces of heart, love and fantasy. These inspirations can be taken as an example and kept in our heart, as well as in the drawers or on the walls of our homes. Fine Little Day is a loving companion that will never leave us, and it will mark a new beginning.