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Ok Design

OK Design develops and manufactures unique furniture with an eye towards cultural diversity. Founded in 2008, OK Design has its base in Copenhagen, Denmark, and operates production facilities in Mexico City and Cairo. Its young, dynamic team is dedicated to producing high quality designs with a global narrative.
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Unique designer furniture created with style and above all emphasizing the social aspect of cultural diversity in the countries in difficulty. The OK Design brand was born in Copenhagen in 2008, and today, in addition to the headquarters located in Denmark, it also owns factories which in Mexico City and Cairo.
A dynamic young company that likes to experiment. The close working relationship it has with one of its production sites in Mexico City, is due to the will of the brand to provide jobs and equitable social and working treatments in a country where drugs, unemployment and a high crime rate form part of everyday life.
Saving people from the streets by offering them a clean and healthy workplace, in addition to offering a salary that is three times the minimum wage for the workers of Mexico City, OK Design becomes a brand that deserves honours and attentions.
OK Design develops and produces unique furniture in its kind, with a special attention to cultural diversity. A sparkling team able to create high-quality products and cosmopolitan flavor.

One of the "icon products" by the Nordic company, is undoubtedly the Acapulco chair that takes its name from the legendary beach town located on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. In the ‘50s, Acapulco was an oasis of peace between the with its waves and cocktails by the ocean used to welcome the biggest stars of Hollywood, who never get tired of admiring the beautiful view from its sunny terraces.
The updated version of the typical Acapulco chair maintains its retro spirit and glamor that form its timeless style. It is produced in a facility in Mexico City providing jobs for hundreds of workers. This armchair by Ok Design is an elegant solution for your moments of relaxation. It is comfortable and versatile, and it takes care of your well-being at home, but also in the garden or on the terrace. The solid structure of galvanized steel and powders coating ensures the ergonomic shape of the seat to favour a correct posture.

In the admirable effort to create healthier working spaces, the brand has developed a special PVC for plastic used in the creation of Acapulco and Condesa chairs. It is a material free of phthalates and heavy metals, very dangerous substances that are often used by manufacturing companies, precisely to safeguard the health of its employees and end customers.
Speaking of a conscious recycling of raw materials, it is also interesting to know that Ok Design reuses the broken strings of some models of chairs to create new ones. The Acapulco chair was also created in the baby version, for the children's room. A comfortable seat, colourful and fun that the kids will immediately love!

OK Design constantly produces wonderful, cutting-edge and truly original products; after the famous seats we just mentioned, there is also Center, the stool version with a very special design. The Stool Center can be purchased in four different colours: blue, petrol blue, yellow and red, while the structure is glossy black. The seat is made of a series of strings that converge in a single point and are fixed on two coaxial stainless steel circles. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture is that it is versatile and multi-purpose. In fact, thanks to a special PVC piece available in charcoal gray that you can attach to the outer ring of the stool, Center can quickly become a coffee table or a comfortable footrest.

Clearly, the production by OK Design is not limited to seats. This brand also creates many different furnishing accessories such as tables, bookcases, pillows, magnetic wall organizers, shelves, door plants, lamps and kitchen accessories, all made with the typical Nordic essentiality.
A virtual journey to discover this terrific company that, in addition to producing high-quality furniture items, also promotes a really honorable project like it is the commitment to trying to improve the social and working conditions of a complex country such as Mexico.
One of the cult products of the OK Design collection is the coffee table specifically designed to accompany the Acapulco chair; we are talking about Bam Bam, made of metal and MDF, and inspired by the rays that form the series Condesa and Acapulco.
Elegant and refined lines, for another creation signed by the Danish brand: the Table On a String, modern and essential and with the typical Nordic personality. The table is an essential furnishing accessory in every home; if we choose a model that is also decorative and innovative we will be happy to decorate the room with a few elements creating a strong visual impact. The table is formed by steel rods and wires which act as a supporting structure, while the tabletop can be either in linoleum or laminate.

If you are looking for an original gift idea signed by OK Design, the very nice Cushion Chango (in the big or small version) is the perfect item for a home with a contemporary mood. With its unmistakable ball-of-wool shape, Chango is a playful and cozy pillow made of knotted tubes of excellent quality. The material used is a mix of cotton, viscose, nylon, cashmere and angora, with polyester padding.
To make unique and exclusive the rooms of your house, OK Design has also thought to the walls. Babuska is a modular system consisting of eleven MDF boxes, and just like the famous Russian dolls that give the name to the product ( "Babushka" in Russian), these boxes can be slipped one into each other, as they all have different sizes. The wide range of Babushka modules allows you to store any object of your daily life tidying up all spaces and making them organized and functional without sacrificing a touch of elegance and sobriety thanks to the neutral colours of the complement. You can place them against the wall forming a library inspired by a lively geometric composition, or you can also use them separately mixing them with other items. It is only up to you!
Ok design continues a tradition of avant-garde Nordic style, as regards both the study of the materials used and social commitment, creating products with a vintage mood that never go out of fashion.