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Gift List for People who Have Everything
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Gift List for People who Have Everything

Every year it's the same, they are the most difficult: those people you never know how to be around, those who have everything and snort whenever they unwrap your gift. 

From 0 to 99 years, this category of people is the most difficult to surprise at Christmas.

No worries though: with these these enigmatic people you just need some attention to detail. 

Original gifts for her

Every one knows a girl like this: a traveler, with an independent and emancipated personality. There is nothing that has not already seen or done. Observe her: she is free and bold, she is a volcano of ideas and she always has a thousand things to do.

She is a woman of the new millennium. It is very difficult to amaze her - but with your cunning you can do it. What should you do? Make her feel appreciated! 

You can make her feel like a diva every day with Seletti's Luminarie mirror, or help her arrange the thousands of garments she keeps in her wardrobe with the Lucie Kaas coat hangers. And against all odds, you will fascinate her to such an extent that she will not leave you anymore. 

Love in Bloom vase
Ziggy Coat Hook
Luminaire mirror - small
Swimming pool jewelry box
Ikebana small round vase
Whisper blanket

Original gifts for him

We are talking about the cosmopolitan-independent-globetrotter-emancipated guy. There is only one way to amaze him, find his hidden passions.

Because, after all, he's still a man. He doesn't need a trolley bag and travel set: you have to give him the tools that will make him happy at home, and he will thank you forever - without too much emphasis, that is.

Borosilicate glass pot
Ziggy Kokeshi Doll
Keith full towel set
Pebble cheese large cutting board
Royal table lamp

Christmas gifts for the kids

Born with an innate ability to interact with technology, at three years old they already know more than you about how a tablet works, they are hyperactive and very bright.

The right gift for children who have everything will then have to be sophisticated but colorful, useful but fun, like Villa Julia by Magis or the Wave tent by Ferm Living in which to hide or play.

Or it can become their best friend, like Fatboy and Il Saccotto poufs.

Villa Julia
Wave tent
Dolby the Kangaroo
Knot ottoman
Dodo rocking bird
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