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Missoni Home Collection

Missoni is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. A promoter of a lively and optimistic look - where the use of colour and geometrical patterns convey an unmistakable style found in a wide range of products and projects, including the RTW and leather accessories, in addition to home furniture. Today Missoni interprets the human values of sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for diversity that were ingrained in the company by the founders of the brand. Art and expertise are inextricably linked in the Missoni world, in which creativity and design unite with the undisputed pursuit of artisan experimentation that reaches its peak in the development and application of the most sophisticated techniques in the world of knitwear. To achieve the highest results in this sector and support the creativity of its team, Missoni recently restarted the original factory at Sumirago; it is flanked by a new production area that focuses on shuttle-woven fabrics.
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Missoni-Home: back to basics
"The first flamed sweater that my husband and I Tai we realized in 1969 it was inspired by a fabric from the archives of my family: in Golasecca, on the Ticino, my maternal grandparents had an embroidered fabric factory, converted after the crisis of '29 into a producer of pajamas and dressing gowns, always embroidered also with coordinated bedspreads. The air that I breathed as a child is that of high craftsmanship ". This is how Ms. Rosita Jelmini, head of Missoni-Home and historical foundress together with her husband Ottavio speaks "Tai & quot; Missoni of the well-known fashion house.
The history of the Missoni brand, known and appreciated all over the world, has a long tradition that sees its birth in 1953 and has undergone an extraordinary evolution over the years. br />
Galeotta was a suit!
It all started after the end of the second world war when Tai and a friend of his Giorgio Oberweger decided to go on the market producing sports garments in wool. Ottavio, however, did not know that the creation of his "Venjulia" suit, which was adopted by athletes during the London Olympics in '48, would have brought him together with his life partner, Rosita. She, too, as Ottavio had a deep passion for fashion and when the two young men got married they opened a small knitting workshop in the city of Gallarate. From that moment onwards, for the Missoni spouses, it will all be an escalation of successes: important world awards, fashion shows on the most famous catwalks and the opening of new and numerous boutiques all over the world.

< h2> From fashion to furniture: to Missoni-Home
It's the mid-70s when the production of Missoni, which is constantly growing, expands to new frontiers. Thus begins a new era for the fashion house that turns its attention as well as clothing to jewelry, home textiles and furnishings.

The birth of Missoni-Home
In 1983 Missoni-Home was born, which will personally take care of Mrs Rosita together with her brother Alberto Jelmini, CEO of the Home division. The passion for fashion and for the home, in fact, was always in the heart of Rosita that since her childhood spent her free time in the textile business of her grandparents and spent whole days to follow all the stages of production of fabrics. Over time, however, the role of Rosita inside Missoni could no longer give her the satisfactions of the past.
For years she had followed her husband Ottavio all over the world, had the artistic direction of the woman line and that man, but the passion for fashion was waning and the work inside the house was becoming too mechanical for her.

< strong> Tired of fashion
In the 90s, the Missoni fashion house is now consecrated in the empire of fashion and Ottavio begins to take an interest in other projects: first of all that of designing stage costumes for the La Scala Theater in Milan. Rosita, however, begins to show signs of weariness for fashion and is completely dedicated to the Missoni-Home because, as she herself said, "fashion is a devastating profession: you have to go out, be with people, my life does not corresponded more to those requests & quot ;.
This is how since 1997 the company passed into the hands of the couple's children: Angela Missoni becomes artistic director, Luca Missoni the technical manager while Vittorio Missoni (who died in a plane crash in 2013 ) will take care of the commercial sector. 1997 also marks the true turning point of Missoni-Home: when Angela Missoni took over the creative sector, finally Rosita was free to devote herself entirely to the Home division and give free rein to her great creative talent that for years had remained "obscured"; from that of her husband Ottavio.

Traveling, discovering, experimenting
This was exactly what Mrs Rosita needed and Missoni-Home allowed her to tackle this new project with renewed energy. The Home collections, in fact, are born from the experiences around the world of Mrs. Missoni: that festival of colors and styles of the Home collections are the result of the many cultures encountered in her travels, a true amalgam of traditions and ethnic flavors different.