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Ambiente Frankfurt 2017: eastern vibes for time together
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Ambiente Frankfurt 2017: eastern vibes for time together

Walking through the entrance of Ambiente Frankfurt I think to myself: I love my job I love my job I love my job - but not today. A gloomy, frigid drizzle falls as the fair’s buildings seem literally endless. But I keep trucking: a chocolate muffin and a coffee can make all the difference.

Where do I start? With pots and the Far East

Ambiente Frankfurt, 2017, Pavilion 3: all about the pots. And then other pots. Then I come across a few more… pots. If the market wasn’t already saturated, it will be now. The theme was a clear one: heavy-duty, colourful cookware. Le Creuset is definitely a happy camper, but the brand has one model that really stands out: it's beautiful, colourful and welcoming, a joy for my eyes. Yep, even today I love this job.

Le Creuset's booth here at Ambiente makes me want to touch everything (and I go on to). Pots, casseroles, grinders and pans, and a smashing new powder pink edition with cherry blossoms. I never would have thought such a theme would be all over, from plates all the way to cups. The East is near? Oh my, how the East is near!

But back to Frankfurt, to the third floor of pavilion three. Aside from pots, there are also small appliances and kitchen accessories, just as colourful, heavy-duty and non-stick. But vintage also makes an appearance, as seen on the "nickel silver" straight out of Grandma’s collection.

4 Dressed Tea Cups
Form teapot

Dinner is better when we eat together

I’ve seen enough and step into Pavilion 4 where big table brands come to play, where the masters of luxury and design show their stuff, flaunting new and magnificent collections.

Since we’re in Frankfurt, I decide to start off with a Middle European must-have: Villeroy & Boch, high-end table excellence. I go up not looking for anything special when all of the sudden - boom! I’m unexpectedly catapulted into the Christmas nightmare (whoops!): trains, teddy bears, snowflakes and gigantic Christmas trees. The Christmas Season over, isn’t it?

But let’s keep serious: there are a ton of trends that catch your eye, all under the motto of Dinner is better when we eat together, meaning the table is a detail-oriented mess, from linen tablecloths to a mix & match of dishes – all extremely round! – with faint colours, both natural and pastel.

Every once in a while I come across some geometric patterns. Eastern patterns and geo motifs also take part, which I bow to. In a nutshell, everything here at Ambiente Frankfurt simply screams out: let’s hang and chill out.

Samarkand Mandarin espresso cup
Small Kastehelmi vase
Elephant decoration
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