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Arzberg is a brand very well-known all over the world for its porcelain products. What makes a design object pleasant? Beauty, functionality, durability and attention to its practicality and look. Arzberg turns eating and drinking into a unique experience.
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The Arzberg brand is well-known all over the world for its porcelain products. What makes a design pleasant? Beauty, functionality and durability and attention to its handiness and look. Arzberg turns eating and drinking into a unique experience.

The history of the Brand
This is a story that begins very far away: in Germany, in 1887. And Arzberg put almost immediately the basis for the production of excellent porcelain items. The success and recognition soon followed: in 1931 the collection "FORM 1382" launched by the designer Hermann Gretsch was not only a big success in all German homes, but it also revolutionized the landscape of the "fine china" becoming the stylistic sign of the company. From then on, the company and its high-quality production pass from hand to hand of prestigious names: in 1972 it was purchased by Hutschenreuthere: later, in 2000, by the KV-Porzellan-Union GmbH which a few years later became the "Arzberg-Porzellan GmbHe "; it is with this name that in 2012 it registered revenues for 12 million. The fame of the brand reached Italy in August 2013, when the Italian group Sambonet Paderno Indust smartly decided to acquire it by adding another important name among its brands. And that's how the Arzberg porcelain has entered Italian homes (and meals). In case you were wondering what makes these porcelains so valuable to be imported, the answer probably lies in their long tradition alongside with a corporate mission fully oriented to customer satisfaction.

The imported traditional made in Germany
The quality of these kitchen services comes from a tradition passed down for generations by families who have always worked in the porcelain industry. "Every hand involved in the porcelain creation process is relevant and gives its personal touch". That's why Arzberg only hires professionals with high expertise, and it is thanks to them that it was possible for Arzberg to affirm its name on the market becoming a classic, as well as a certainty, in the field. Those who buy an Arzberg porcelain item can be sure to buy a product in which the handicraft meets the great production: creating high-quality porcelain requires many delicate passages and, despite all the modernization and technological development, many of these passages must still be completed by hand! The best technology is worthless if you don't know how to select, understand and integrate it with the best of German craftsmanship! Genuineness and authenticity are therefore key values at every stage of the production process. The use of better materials and the attention to the research of a design that can suit the tastes and needs of our time complete the long list of things that make Arzberg products so good that is worth duplicating them, and buying them more than a thousand times!

Arzberg: high-durability porcelain, functionally modern and aesthetically perfect
To keep up with the times, Arzberg's porcelain is designed for everyday use and has therefore been designed to be washed in the dishwasher or put in the microwave in complete safety. All objects have the right thicknesses designed to optimize the mechanical properties of the material they are made of.
The porcelain sector in fact includes objects that are used every single day by many European families: it follows the times, customs, tastes, and change with them. Every day a lavishly table needs plates, coffee cups, utensils... and even if it's possible that our modern frenetic lives could lead us to prefer plastic disposable plates, every family has the porcelain service for special occasions. In a world that is constantly evolving, but in which porcelains are still indispensable items, the Arzberg products are made to last! From basic lines to those for various occasions, Arzberg's products suit and are inspired by the many contemporary lifestyles, and combine a clean and refined aesthetic, which seems to be ageless and timeless, with a functional, modern and practical design! Hermann Gretsch explained very well what's the purpose of the company: "We want to get to the heart of things". And then he created the 1382 module: essential, minimal and impeccable. These aims and objectives have remained unchanged over the decades thanks to the continuous monitoring processes driven by the company and aimed at studying the trends and developments of modern society as well as the porcelain market. The Arzberg brand not only wants to match the customs of the time; its attempt is rather to inject modern lifestyles in its own creations. As the Heike Philipp (designer of the Gourmet, Profi and My First Arzberg lines) said: "The interaction between design and functionality must be translated into harmonious products that, once the public gets to know them, become objects of desire. These objects become indispensable and irreplaceable, and one of the reasons is that everyone can identify with them." In conclusion, quality and functionality are not enough to resume the reasons for the success of the brand and its mission: Arzberg is a bridge between function and emotion: people love to touch its porcelain, they love to use it and, more in general, they just like to own it! These are the qualities that turn simple porcelain into exceptional porcelain: and Arzberg's porcelain definitely have them!

If you are still not fully convinced of the uniqueness of the Arzberg brand, of its determination to achieve those values that guide its production processes and its mission (which makes the difference between this company and all the others) you might then be surprised to know how many and relevant recognitions this company has received by simply staying true to itself.
The Bavarian company had won the first international awards already with Hermann Gretsch's Form 1382 (the Gold Medal at the VI Triennale of Milan and at the international exhibition of Paris, respectively in 1936 and 1937). And today things have not changed: it's enough to say that between 2006 and 2009 as many as 7 international awards were assigned to Arzberg for Peter Schmidt's Form 2006 and Philipp Heike's Gourmet. The international recognition of the quality of these porcelains and their design (created by some of the best designers in the field) is confirmed by the permanent exhibitions that host Arzberg collections: one name among many others is the MOMA of New York.
What else can be added to convince you of these products' excellence? Just try them yourself and you won't have any doubt!