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Normann Copenhagen, a colourful look at Scandinavian design
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Normann Copenhagen, a colourful look at Scandinavian design

Normann Copenhagen is unique. Even though every single interior design brand tries to be that.

Normann Copenhagen is unique and minimalist. Even by narrowing our criteria the number of competitors doesn’t dwindle.

Normann Copenhagen is unique, minimalist and part of the Scandinavian design scene. Nothing new so far.

Normann Copenhagen is unique, minimalist, part of the Scandinavian design scene and a brand that appeals to the mass market. Here we go.

Lo showroom di Normann CopenhagenLo showroom di Normann Copenhagen

Unique, minimalist, Scandinavian and for everyone

The Danish brand Normann Copenhagen sells its products in over 80 countries around the world, from physical stores to digital ones. Its furniture, lighting design, textiles and home accessories have received over 80 different design awards. And all the time, the firm has been growing.

In 1999, Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen finalised the deal for creating the brand Normann Copenhagen and the first product was launched in 2002. We’re talking of none other than the Norm 69 lamp by Simon Karkov that with its petals in white polypropylene, left a huge mark on the international design scene, inspiring a vast number of mass produced designs.

We want to defy the conventional mindset and use design to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our brand is an aptitude. Lenses through which we see the world differently.
Normann Copenhagen

Lampshade Norm 69 Small
My Chair
Lampshade Norm 12 Big
Form chromed small armchair
Lampshade Norm 06 Medium White
2 Dropit coat hooks

Exceptionally ordinary

With this mission statement, the brand encourages a dialogue between everyday life and the singularity of design. In fact, Normann Copenhagen started with home accessories that are undoubtedly more accessible to the general public both in terms of price and size. The style is bittersweet too, suited to the diversity of international taste: simple and soft lines that acquire a personality thanks to bold colours and sharp contrasts in colours and materials.

The many functional pieces include several ornament series like those inspired by the animal kingdom, which are fun, stylised and modern, but maintain a link with the past nonetheless: the idea that they are refined and amusing pieces but extremely unpractical, just like granny’s old knick-knacks.

Normies by Normann CopenhagenNormies by Normann Copenhagen
Ichi Ni San by Normann CopenhagenIchi Ni San by Normann Copenhagen
Little bird by Normann CopenhagenLittle bird by Normann Copenhagen

Diversification: from armchairs to parties

Normann Copenhagen has definitely something for everyone, even for those people who consider interior design to be less an accessory and more closely related to proper furniture, and therefore to something that epitomizes their way of life.

In 2009, the brand presented its first furniture collections, astutely inspired by current fashion trends but firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. The result is an extremely successful mix, contemporary, reassuring but with a touch of novelty.

We like products that have an original idea and a simple design, even though we don’t commit to a specific style. For Normann Copenhagen, diversifying our production is extremely important.
Normann Copenhagen
Ace Series by Normann CopenhagenAce Series by Normann Copenhagen
Pouf Circus by Normann CopenhagenPouf Circus by Normann Copenhagen
One Step Up bookcase
Form walnut chair
Amp pendant small
Bell Lamp Medium Lamp
Agnes vase 9 cm
Swell armchair
Little Bird decorative object H 10 cm
Little Bird decorative object H 7 cm
Little Bird decorative object H 5 cm

Normann Copenhagen, design on show

Normann Copenhagen’s concept that design should be accessible to all comes into its own in the brand’s extraordinary showroom in Copenhagen. Once an old cinema, the 1700 sqm showroom is a one-of-a-kind retail space, distinguished by several awards as well as generally recognised as one of the coolest interior design stores in the world.

Besides having all the brand’s collections, the showroom is a concept-space that houses an exciting selection of top Danish and international brands, from lighting design to fragrances and home accessories. A truly inspirational space, as well as a coveted location for the hippest parties, events and exhibitions in the city.

Just as Normann Copenhagen has a democratic production in tune with the general public’s main interests (fashion, lifestyle, events), its design partnerships are open to anyone with a great idea. Starting from the beginning, Normann Copenhagen is unique.

Lo showroom di Normann CopenhagenLo showroom di Normann Copenhagen
Lo showroom di Normann CopenhagenLo showroom di Normann Copenhagen

Intuition for design

Every day, from five to ten new projects land on Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen’s desk. The designers behind these projects range from established names to rookie designers. This makes no difference, Jan and Poul take all design proposals seriously.

When Jan and I analyse new projects for Normann Copenhagen, we have an intuitive approach. Often, an image can speak more than words and if we are both captured by what we’ve seen, it means that we’re keen. We think it’s important that the projects that interest us contribute something new not only to our brand, but to the overall design scene as well.
Poul Madsen
Daily Fiction Notebook by Normann CopenhagenDaily Fiction Notebook by Normann Copenhagen
Swell sofa 3 seater
Onkel sofa
Analog magazine rack
Flow table lamp
Swan decorative object
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