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Top 3 impressive wooden houses
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Top 3 impressive wooden houses

As a child you dreamed of a tree house, even if you used to live in an apartment building. It doens't matter if you still suffer from vertigo, suspended houses still are a big passion of yours.

Discover these three projects from all over the world.

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1. A prefab eco-home in Brasil

Immagine looking out of the window and all you see are São Paulo's green hills. This is where Marcio Kogan's Catuçaba Farm is, taking its name from the nearest town. 

Laid out over the valley, at an altitude of 1,500 meters, this narrow and long house remains supported on the land through some pillars to cope with the rugged surroundings. The house was made using certified wood and clay made from the local soil. 

The roof is topped with photovoltaic panels, while double windows guarantee thermal comfort.

‘Catuçaba farm’ embraces the rural setting, developing a strong relationship between architecture and nature.

Casa Catuçaba (Brasile) di Marcio Kogan e Lair Reis dello studio MK27Catuçaba Farm by MK27's Marcio Kogan and Lair Reis 

2. A designer tree house in Sweden

In the Swedish forest, seven hanging houses give shape to the Treehotel project, a small system of tree houses inaugurated in 2010 in Harads, Sweden. It incudes a peculiar floating cabin signed by Snøhetta. 

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Suspended ten meters above the ground, surrounded by Swedish pines including one that crosses its floor, the 7th room allows you to enjoy the Scandinavian nature in a spectacular way.

The north-facing window gives guests an opportunity to catch glimpses of the aurora borealis, while the netted terrace allows you to be fully immersed with the natural surroundings.

7th room di Snohetta, la casa sull'albero nella foresta svedese7th room by Snohetta, the tree house in Northern Sweden

3. A wooden library among the mountain houses in China

Shulin Architectural Design has built a library for the small village of Liangjiashan, nestled in the wooded mountains of Wuyi County.

A project carried out in compliance with the building tradition of the place and with the aim of creating a meeting and study point

The structure of the library, in wood and steel, is supported by ten columns that give life to two separate floors, architecturally and conceptually. The raised body houses the actual library and reading rooms, while the ground floor, partially open and organized around a central basin, is a quiet and introspective refuge.

The Shulin study has investigated even the changes in light and the different effects produced by wind and rain, because the experience that the House of Book offers can always be perceived as spontaneous and natural - thanks to its being so carefully designed.

La biblioteca progettata dallo studio Shulin Architectural Design in CinaThe library designed by Shulin Architectural Design in China
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