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Get your home back in shape after the holidays
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Get your home back in shape after the holidays

Like every 6th of January, it’s finally time to wave goodbye to the year that was and the wonderful – but tiring too – Christmas festivities.

The Epiphany seems to have been thought up so that you can make a start on the new year: recharge your batteries, take down the Christmas decorations and finally sort out the presents you received.

Lights on the balcony, in summer too

Every Christmas, a resident of the building opposite mine decorates the vases on his balconies. with wonderful lights They’re really pretty and elegant, and I’ve always been slightly jealous.

A year ago, after the Epiphany, I noticed that he hadn’t taken the lights down and that they were still decorating the facade of the building. I thought that perhaps he had neither the time – nor did he want the hassle – to take the Christmas decorations down: after all it’s not easy to part with the Christmas spirit.

Still nothing had changed by the time we got to March: I then realised that he wasn’t just lazy, he had left them on purpose.

Whether it’s Christmas, the New Year, the Assumption or your birthday, lights liven up a space and add a festive touch.

This year I decided to follow his lead, leaving my favourite fairy lights on in my bedroom. I really enjoy the mood they create: fun, warm and welcoming. And if I am tired of them by spring, I can always replace them with some flowers.

La Case de Cousin PaulLa Case de Cousin Paul

Brooklyn string lights
Bella Vista suspension lamp 10 LEDs - Second Chance
Tao Tong string lights
Altiplano string lights
Uyuni string lights

The fish-shaped piggy bank aunt Titina gave you

Every year – even at the best of times – you’re bound to receive a ludicrous present, so ludicrous that you don’t know what to do with it – yet you feel it’s rude to throw it out.

For example, the fish-shaped piggy bank your aunt Titina gave you is completely at odds with the rest of your home: you could always take it to the beach house. Wouldn’t it be perfect on the light-blue dresser in the entrance?

Then, the friend that gave you a headstone-shaped bar of soap never had much taste to speak of and a present like this, especially at Christmas, isn’t ideal.

Don’t throw it away: recycle it next Halloween!

What can you do with that bizarre spice rack in the shape of a chicken drumstick, from the cousin you hardly ever see? It’s really useful, even if you might not think so: it’s useful if you want to add flavour to your food and you can save your guests from the embarrassment of finding a rosemary twig in their plate.

Kähler DesignKähler Design
Sparedyr piggy-bank H 16 cm
L.O.V.E. Snowball finger sculpture
Sparedyr piggy-bank H 14,5 cm
Toiletpaper Why Me? soap
Pulke herb infuser

Father Christmas wears red, not exclusively

This year, it was the first time you invited your entire family over for Christmas day. As the perfect host, you wanted to rise to the occasion and so you decorated your home in red.

Candles, plates, centrepieces, glasses and dishcloths too.

The scheme wouldn’t have been complete without red towels for the guest bathroom, and while you were at it you got some for yours as well. And what about the sheets? Likewise. Red everywhere, of course.

You were finally able to give your home the Christmas makeover it so desperately needed and the day was a great success.


Now that the Epiphany is here, will you put everything away and forget about all your hard work until next year? Absolutely not: red is great all year round and it was even one of the trendiest colours for 2017.

I would like to offer you only one piece of advice: don’t display all your red accessories at once when it’s not Christmas – if you don’t want your guests to feel as if they were in the Ferrari headquarters.

Cover: Interior by Magnus Marding, via Linkdeco

Profile rectangular table cloth 140x180 cm
Attaché Turntable
2 Lisa napkins
Kali box with lid
Max Tablecloth 150x150
Lula dog bowl with cover
Friends ottoman
Fiber Chair sled base
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