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Design tales to be read alone or in company
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Design tales to be read alone or in company

Holidays, Christmas especially, are universally recognised as the best time to catch up with your reading.

The endless family dinners may make you feel lethargic (to help you digest better, or so people say), the cold evenings encourage you to spend more time indoors (you wouldn’t want to catch something now, would you?).

So, there’s no better time to make your way through the pile of magazines and novels which has been relentlessly piling up over the past months.

But, if you’d like to hear some book recommendations, or if you want to introduce your bookish friend or your hyperactive nephew to the world of design, I have three books that could be just right.

Honour the world of design in the best possible way: comfortably sitting on your sofa (a designer one), engrossed in a good book (about design).
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Houses That We Dreamt Of by Delphine & Reed Krakoff

This book is almost a work of art. It illustrates Delphine and Reed Krakoff’s interior design projects, this couple is almost too extraordinary to be real: he’s an American fashion designer and she’s an interior designer who trained in Paris. The effect could only be extraordinary.

Just as extraordinary as their homes, even if they seem almost too perfect – at least at first glance. Spend some time on each page of this coffee-table book and pay attention to all the details: you will notice how every space has been perfectly arranged so that it appears as natural and welcoming as possible. In other words, so that it really feels like home.

Warning: it may cause a severe case of love at first sight.

Houses That We Dreamt Of
Delphine & Reed Krakoff

Rizzoli International, 2017 / 256 pp. / Hardcover
EAN: 9780847860043

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Ettore Sottsass. There is a planet

I still haven’t finished celebratingEttore Sottsass’ centenary – and neither should you nor your best friend.

If like you your friend is a connoisseur, he won’t be able to pass up the book that describes Ettore Sottsass’ unreleased work, There is a planet – which, by the way, is still on display at the Triennale di Milano.

If your friend still needs to be initiated and design isn’t one of his main interests, this is the right time to show him that there’s more to a designer, and a famous one at that, than meets the eye.

Ettore Sottsass. There is a Planet
Barbara Radice

Mondadori Electa, 2017 / 263 pp. / Paperback
EAN: 9788891815958

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Cicognino. Design explained to children by Paola Albini

This book is for when people ask you what design is really about – it doesn’t matter whether it’s your grandma, your nephew or your old high-school chum whom you haven’t seen in a while – and you realize how difficult it is to come up with a clear and exhaustive answer.

Paola Albini has put together a simple yet comprehensive little book that follows the adventures of a coffee table who thinks he’s just an ordinary piece of furniture and, precisely because of his simplicity, ignores the fact that he is made according to a ground-breaking design.

Cicognino. Design explained to children
Paola Albini

Language: italian only
Corraini, 2017 / 50 pp. / Paperback
EAN: 9788875706395

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