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Trends and Christmas presents: what type of friends do you have?
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Trends and Christmas presents: what type of friends do you have?

Christmas is getting near: not much further to go now. You still have a few presents left to buy, but you really don’t know who to turn for help.

You’re looking for an original idea, better if not too expensive, but the reality of it is that you don’t have time go Christmas shopping any more. What can you do now?

It’s not the moment to give in.

We have several on-trend ideas for a last minute present - that you can buy online, of course.

A present for the friend who’s just returned from Bolivia

We all have a traveller amongst our friends, the type of person who, while he’s showing you the photos of his most recent trip to Bolivia, is already planning his next coast to coast adventure in the USA.

Some people say that the best part of travelling isn’t just the trip itself, but the memory of it. So, what present could be more fitting than a world atlas you can hang in your home, on which you can mark and remember the places you’ve visited?

How long will it take you to fit everything in, do you think?

Scratch Map
Journal Map
Corkboard map
Coloring Map
Bucketlist Scratch Edition Map
Sketch Map

A present for the friend who enjoys the cocktail hour and hosting dinners

For the hospitable friend who’s always willing to have you over after a long day’s work to enjoy a glass of wine – which often turns into dinner before you know it – you have to come up with something which suits his personality, and above all comes with love.

Why don’t you stop for some pasta? It’s nothing, believe me!

The many options that you can pair with the bottle of red that you’re taking him for the Christmas dinner (yes, it’ll inevitably be at his place), include of course original bottle openers, wine or cocktail glasses, cocktail shakers and corks in quirky shapes.

Alternatively, direct your efforts to the table (and I don’t mean the food): centrepieces, chopping boards, cake stands and plates with irreverent patterns. Your friend isn’t touchy about these things, is he?

Lasso bottle holder
Chain bottle holder
Sauria Bronto cake stand
Betty cake stand
Mini cake stand
Hybrid - Isaura dinner plate - Second Chance
Fucking Old Style round tray
Hybrid - Cecilia soup plate

A present for the friend who’s planning a New Year’s Eve party

Fortunately, everyone has the friend who’s been planning his New Year’s Eve party since the end of November, making it easy to answer in the affirmative to the most frequent question being put to us during this period: do you have any plans for the 31st December?

Without a doubt, music is essential if we want to make our friend’s party memorable. A set of speakers for example, could be spot-on for your New Year’s Eve party as well as the future.

photocredit: Hues of Delahayephotocredit: Hues of Delahaye
aGroove wireless speaker
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Record player
Reykjavik Bluetooth Speaker
Sagra light bulb covering – assorted colours
Speaker and pocket emptier Arina Acousta - black
Bella Vista suspension lamp 10 LEDs - Second Chance
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