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Summer in the city: What to do
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Summer in the city: What to do

There are those whose bosses refuse to close the office, but there are also those who anxiously wait for August only to enjoy the city that empties slowly and steadily.

There are those who prefer to leave in the low season and those who will not leave at all, because they are saving to furnish their homes.

However, each of them needs a three-point guide to survive a summer in the city.

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1. Air conditioning, ie museums, exhibitions and open gyms near me

Sweating eliminates toxins, but I am pretty sure that there's a limit. Be smart and combine two essential things: the need for air conditioning and to keep yourself busy.

Take advantage of air conditioning in public places such as bookshops, museums and ... gyms.

I know that sweating in the gym when you can sweat on the bus (or for free on the street) does not seem to make much sense, but playing sports really helps feeling cheerful!

And now that you have the corpus sanus, go ahead to the mens: make a reasoned list of all the exhibitions and cultural events in your city. Choose at least two events that you wouldn't normally go to: culture should be encouraged and, if you don't like them, at least you will have spent a few hours enjoying some cool air.

credits: Clem Onojeghuocredits: Clem Onojeghuo
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2. Tanning, aka outdoor swimming pools

Summer also means tanning. If you are stuck in the city, however, tanning could become difficult: the parks where you went picnicking during Spring are now dry and you found out that dry grass can even sting.

It's time to discover all the outdoor pools that will not shut down in August. Apart from the classic swimming classes, many offer green areas and sunbeds where you can relax and work on that tan. Some remain open until late in the evening, others even during lunch break - in this case, however, carefully spread the sunscreen.

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