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4 Tips for Decorating Your Garden or Balcony
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4 Tips for Decorating Your Garden or Balcony

It's official: the air smells of spring and summer. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of this season, furnishing your balcony, terrace or garden becomes an indispensable step.

Who said that an outdoor space cannot also be elegant, as well as functional?

To transform your outdoor corner - whatever size it has - in a Parisian bistro or in an oasis of peace, there are four aspects to which you must pay particular attention.

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1. How to furnish a terrace or a garden for relaxation

After a long day indoors at the office, there's nothing better than an outdoor glass of wine or book.

Even more if you can dedicate yourself to these pleasures in your perfectly furnished terrace!

A hammock or rocking chair certainly cannot miss, but be careful with materials. Choose them waterproof and resistant, so they can stand up to both the hot sun and sudden downpours.

If the space available is small, even soft cushions or rugs on which to walk barefoot will be fine, for an even more informal and free atmosphere.

sedie: Palissade di Hay Designsedie: Palissade di Hay Design

2. Furnishing balconies for summer cocktails

Just a few touches are enough to transform a city balcony into a Parisian bistro: for example a round table, a few folding chairs and a checkered tablecloth.

What better atmosphere to enjoy the pleasures of life, like an aperitif or a dinner with your friends?

A folding trolley will prove to be very useful for supporting food and drinks, so you won't have to go back and forth between the balcony and the kitchen, but you can stay in the company of your guests all evening.

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3. Garden and outdoor lamps

To create the perfect summer atmosphere on your terrace or garden, the watchword is only one: light. The right lighting is the key to make the outdoor space a magical place, suitable for all occasions and, above all, safe.

For the garden, choose spotlights or floor lamps to keep the path illuminated, while for the terrace or balcony prefer applique or suspension lamps.

An extra touch: a string of lights at the railing or some strategically placed lanterns on the ground will make summer evenings memories to be jealously guarded.

credit: Anna Liesemeyericredit: Anna Liesemeyeri

4. Balcony and terrace plants

Green is relaxing and energizing, and you need it especially if you live in the city. Transform your terrace or balcony into a green corner by carefully choosing plant pots too: they can become real accessories with which to decorate the space.

Take advantage of aromatic herbs to enjoy all the fragrances of summer, but remember to water them abundantly.

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