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La Case De Cousin Paul

La Case de Cousin Paul was born from an idea of a young French couple. After a year travelling around the world, the couple started producing string lights using some colourful spheres they found in Thailand. The success was immediate: it's so easy to add a touch of magic to any home.
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La Case de Cousin Paul

La Case de Cousin Paul was born from a brilliant, imaginative idea of a young French married couple who, after spending a year travelling around the world, returned to Paris with some colourful spheres purchased in Asia, and everybody liked them, both friends and relatives. Inspired by this extraordinary success, they decide to sell the spheres, and when they finally managed to get a loan from the bank and set up the store, they called their friend in Asia asking him to send a multitude of coloured spheres to start their business. Meanwhile, their baby was born and they called him Paul: so they also had the name for their shop, which is dedicated to the newborn.

The world of this young company, is fantastic because it was born from the creativity of this couple who has made up a cheerful and fun job for themselves: and this has proved to be a winning idea. Today, La Case de Cousin Paul, born in 2001, includes 11 monobrand shops and it's sold in 650 all over the world. Since 2005, this company offers a wide range of spheres in 50 different colours and three different sizes. With these spheres it's possible to create magnificent wreaths with LED lights that is switched on through a transparent wire.

These spheres, cheerful and colourful, are very versatile and can be used in an unlimited range of ideas. We can put them in a tray as a decorative element, in a vase on the bookcase, as a wreath hanging from a wall or over the bed, or we can twist them around a chandelier, a ladder, a bunk bed in the kids' room to give a touch of joy with their coloured light. In fact, these spheres' light will illuminate the room with a warm and romantic light, creating an effect of great visual impact. They will also be perfect fixed to the wall in the shape of a cluster, as piece of furniture to make the room unique and special. In addition, with a scoop of about fifty colours, we can choose those that we like the most, to make garlands of bright colours to match with the furniture or walls in the room.

La Case de Cousin Paul creates garlands composed of 20 spherical lights. The spheres are made of polyester fiber and measure 7 cm in diameter; the LED lights are not only impressive when lighting the colours of these garlands, but they are also energy-saving. This company also offers boxes with spheres already matched for colour and we can decide for ourselves whether or not to light them, because the wire with the clips is separate. In fact, the spheres can simply be used as a centerpiece, or placed in a clear glass container to get a very original decorative element. These spheres mixing Thai craftsmanship and Parisian taste will be perfect in every kind of location, be it modern or classic.
La Case de Cousin Paul also produces spheres and domes to create real chandeliers. These can also be made at measure, deciding the size and colour of each one of the three spheres, to achieve the effect and we like. These cluster-shaped chandeliers are very original and decorative, and are made of a fabric or plastic cord forming one, two or three domes or spheres. This chandelier combined with the spheres and garlands, will make our home extraordinarily original. The chandeliers with spheres or domes, are handmade and result from over 10 years of experience in this field.

The domes are open at one end and direct the beam of light downward, to illuminate the room with a soft and more direct light: they are perfect in a more classic space. These domed chandeliers can be made in a single colour or by mixing several colours.
In addition, there are also the table spheres, which you can place on the shelves with a base and work as table lamps. They will give the room a soft, diffused light that will ensure an incredible relaxation. These table spheres will be perfect on a table next to the couch, on the desk of the study, but also as a lamp on the bedside tables or as a light in the living room to make the room warm and welcoming. With more cheerful colours like orange or red, these table lamps are perfect in the children's bedrooms.
These spheres for the creation of garlands, chains and electrical lights of any kind, will be a uniqee element for elegant and harmonious pairing. You can also buy a box with the spheres in colours already selected, that will be a great gift idea, out of the ordinary. We can therefore choose boxes with colours in the shades of orange - cheerful and sunny - in shades of red - original and decorative - in shades of pink - romantically retro – or in shades of beige, simply sophisticated. There are so many combinations and so many colours to make these magnificent garlands and these magnificent lights, combined with chandeliers or table spheres that will make your home exclusive and original, by adding a decorative touch that goes beyond all limits. These spheres will impress your guests and ensure an extraordinary effect, which goes beyond the already seen and will turn your dinners with friends and relatives into memorable and unforgettable parties. La Case de Cousin Paul has created some original spheres that are the perfect ornament for those who want to furnish their homes with taste and elegance.