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What is a Venezuelan designer doing in San Francisco? When it comes to Pablo Pardo, he is running a lighting Brand: since 1993 Pablo Design constantly experiments shapes and materials, never giving up on aesthetics. Thanks to his particular philosophy that drives the design, his lighting collections happily communicate with every domestic environment.
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The Pablo lighting brand was founded in 1993 in San Francisco by industrial designer Pablo Pardo, with the aim of designing and creating lighting solutions that connect people with the environment in which they live.  Since then, Pablo has always been at the forefront of contemporary lighting, particularly American lighting, thanks to its simplicity and functionality, achieved without compromise. 

Combining refined technical skills with careful selection of the most appropriate materials, Pablo creates unique and timeless objects that can transform the environment in which they are inserted and used. To create them, the brand collaborates with internationally renowned designers such as Carmine Deganello, Dana Cannam, Fernando Pardo and Peter Stathis. Pablo's creations have won important awards, including the Red Dot Design Awards in 2012 for the best Product Design in the field of innovation, awarded to both the Clamp table lamp and the Pixo table lamp. 
History of Pablo and brand philosophy

In 1993 Pablo Pardo, a Venezuelan industrial designer who trained at the University of Cincinnati, founded the homonymous design lighting brand based in San Francisco.  In the same year, the first product of the small lamp line was created, Piccola, with which Pablo immediately established the parameters of its approach and philosophy that has guided its design and production since then. 

According to Pablo, less is more: this way of saying has become famous thanks to the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who used it to indicate the trend towards simplification of forms also as an aesthetic and design intent. For the Pablo brand, less is more means understanding and interpreting design trends without losing sight of its cultural objective: giving value to durability and sustainability, against the consumer mentality and approach. To do this, according to Pablo, it is necessary to go back to the essence of each lighting product to highlight its constituent elements: light and shape. 

The Pablo lighting brand's mission is to create design products that can deepen the relationship between pure objects, their users and the space in which they are placed, to transform it into a liveable and pleasant environment. For this reason a disposable approach to products is not suitable, as well as sustainable: the aim is to create perennial objects that last a long time and influence the spaces for many years to come, creating a profound sense of harmony thanks to light. 

Pablo LED Lighting

Sustainability also depends on energy efficiency and hence on technological progress. As far as the field of lighting is concerned, LED technology has improved significantly over the last five years and has been progressively integrated with the most diverse materials, surfaces and volumes. Almost the entire Pablo lamp collection has LED options: LED table lamps, LED floor lamps, LED floor lamps, LED ceiling lamps. Thanks to this choice, Pablo is able to offer lighting solutions that provide bright and warm light with a lifetime of 50,000 hours or 25 years of daily use. The choice to use dimmable LED lamps was made in order to guarantee the consumer a further useful tool for energy saving and environmental protection.
Uma lamp by Pablo

It is one of the latest additions to Pablo's lamp collection, but the Uma Lamp has already won over everyone. The design of the lamp is by Pablo Pardo and Carmine Deganello, who have been able to take full advantage of the progress made in the field of rechargeable batteries and high-fidelity audio. While its minimal and simplified shape resembles that of the traditional lantern and its elegant aesthetics make it perfect for every room in the house, its integrated functionality makes a real difference. 

You can select and adjust the LED light intensity to suit the occasion or environment in which you are using the Uma lamp. It is not, however, just a transportable light thanks to the handle made of leather and the lightness of the materials that make it up. Uma is also a bluetooth speaker, which broadcasts 360° audio thanks to the shape and positioning of the case. This is the first example of this type among the Pablo lights. The Uma lamp perfectly embodies Pablo's philosophy also in terms of sustainability: 97% recyclable. 

In the words of Pablo Pardo, founder of Pablo, that's why the Uma lamp is so special:"Uma is like a small portable bonfire with integrated music and is the perfect companion for every journey. When light and sound come together, Uma becomes the focal point of space and manages to unite people in a magical way.  Pablo continually challenges the traditional lighting concept, creating objects that combine functionality and imagination to elevate and enrich the everyday experience of artificial light. 
Small Table Lamp by Pablo

The Small Table Lamp is the first lighting product from the Pablo brand. Created in 1993, Piccola already embodies the less is more philosophy, which will be developed and articulated over the years in the brand's lamp collection. Piccola is a lamp so innovative that it has been included in the permanent collection of MoMA San Francisco.

At the same time, the Piccola table lamp is not anonymous or cold: covered at the bottom with soft Italian leather, the lamp is pleasing to the eye and invites you to touch. This is not just an aesthetic detail: the soft and malleable base makes it adaptable to any position you want to put it in, while thanks to the careful design its aluminium shade will always remain parallel to the table top. 
Pablo Sky Chandelier

The Cielo Chandelier was designed and designed in 2014 by the Pablo studio. The particularity of this chandelier is the LED light source, enclosed in a flat anti-reflective panel, which replaces the traditional bulb bulb. Its intensity can be adjusted by means of the dimmer switch. 

This lighting solution exists in four variants: Sky Chandelier 3 lights, Sky Chandelier 5 lights, Sky Chandelier 7 lights, Sky Chandelier 13 lights. Its great adaptability means that the lamps can also be used individually or grouped together to form a classic chandelier. The chandelier body is made of aluminium and can be customised thanks to the different finishes and colours available for lamps and cables. 
Abat Jour and Lamp About Pablo Lamp and Abat Jour

The circa Table Lamp was designed and produced in 2013 by the Pablo studio. The goal was to create an object that was extremely familiar and revolutionary at the same time. Not only did the designers succeed, but they also innovated with a single object the category of table lamps, giving life to a lamp that is a hybrid between the work lamp and the traditional abat jour, perfect for bedside tables. 

The great strength of the About Lamp is its disc, a flat LED panel, which moves smoothly when touched. In this way, it is possible to position the light source in different angles according to the needs, thus increasing or decreasing the amount of light it diffuses. The Circa lamp can also work as a charger for various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, thanks to the built-in USB port.
The About Lamp was awarded the NY NOW Excellence in Product Design in 2013. 

Like the other solutions in the series, the circa wall lamp is equipped with the characteristic LED flat disc. This version is not only perfect for corridors and hallways, but, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the intensity of light at will by simply rotating the disc, it becomes a singular and refined idea if placed in rooms such as the studio or bedroom, instead of the classic abat jour. 

The Approx. floor lamp is part of the homonymous series dedicated to these particular lamps, characterized by the rotating LED disc that constitutes the light source. This version is also equipped with a support shelf inserted directly on the stem, perfect to support the tablet, iPad or book you are currently reading. This floor lamp is also equipped with a built-in USB port, perfect for charging your smartphone or laptop while sitting comfortably in the chair. 

The About Suspension Lamp is the fourth element of the Circa series made by Pablo studio and winner in 2013 of the NY NOW Excellence Award in Product Design. This version is also equipped with the iconic disc-shaped LED panel that tilts to the touch, allowing you to adjust the intensity and direction of light every time you feel the need. The circa pendant lamp is particularly suitable for large rooms or high ceilings. 

Table lamp Giraffa by Pablo

The Giraffa Lamp is the signature of product designer John August, who designed it for the American lighting brand Pablo. Already from the name you can guess the playful approach that distinguishes this small lamp, equipped with a long neck reminiscent of that of the animal. Giraffa is composed of three tubular elements inserted into each other that can rotate independently: it is in fact an extremely functional lamp thanks to the possibility of rotating the lampshade 360°. It is a dimmable LED lamp, available in three different finishes: copper, lacquered white and black. 
Pixo Table Lamp by Pablo

Here is one of the great successes of Pablo's lamp collection: the Pixo Table Lamp, which won the Red Dot Award in 2012. It is the perfect example of how design can combine emotional form with high technological efficiency. The project was curated by Pablo Pardo, founder of the brand, and Fernando Pardo. 
It is an extremely light and handy lamp, which makes the most of its flexibility: the arm can be tilted 180° and the head rotates 360°, also allowing it to flatten to optimize the transport. The base of the Pixo lamp has a built-in USB port, perfect for charging smartphones, tablets or laptops. Like many other Pablo lamps, Pixo is also environmentally friendly: it is 97% recyclable. 
Brazo lamp by Pablo

The Brazo table lamp by Pablo, with its stylized and essential shapes, is the perfect piece for any contemporary desk. Made of scratch-resistant aluminium, it is equipped with LED light protected by a Pyrex glass screen. 
Like many of the brand's other lighting solutions, Brazo can be rotated 360° to direct the light source according to the needs of the moment. For this Brazo is an excellent working lamp, perfect for the desk, studio and office. The Brazo lamp is also available on the floor. 

Pablo Superlight Lamp 

The Superlight table lamp is one of the latest additions to the Pablo family of lights, and is also available on the floor. Superlight was designed by Peter Stathis and Matthew Boyko. The lamp has a very light, minimalist and elegant shape: thanks to its design, it can be rotated in a fluid way to adapt it to any need.
Superlight is equipped with an LED lighting system that makes it the perfect companion every afternoon at the desk or in the evening armchair readings, especially because it is possible to adjust the intensity of light in a practical and intuitive way. The Superlight lamp is available in three different colours: apple green, brown and black. 

Clamp Table Lamp by Pablo

The table lamp Clamp by Pablo bears the signature of Canadian designer Dana Cannam. It is composed of three pieces of wood that fit together, making it practical to ship and move. The power supply is via electric cable, but Cannam has transformed a functional element into a refined detail, colouring it in red, and has placed it in the foreground, twisting it on the lamp stem. 
The light source is a very fine and refined LED, mounted so that it can be rotated 360°, characteristic of many lamps of the Pablo brand.