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Spring Detox: 3 tips to get back in shape
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Spring Detox: 3 tips to get back in shape

The moment has come to say goodbye to plush pajamas and plaid covers: Spring is coming!

The beautiful season means new energy and new beginnings, but you have to encourage new projects with the right practices. Here are my tips to get ready for Spring.

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Detox diet: what to eat

With the change of season it is essential to take care of your body - and the first way to do it is to pay attention to what you eat.

It is not just a question of aesthetics: sometimes it is advisable to make short periods of detox. The goal is to expel accumulated toxins and purify yourself.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

What are the 5 commandments of the detox diet?

  1. 1. Avoid canned foods, they are full of preservatives
  2. 2. Choose green foods: the chlorophyll of the leaves nourishes the blood and helps the body reach its equilibrium
  3. 3. Eliminate added sugars, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, wheat / gluten, eggs, animal proteins, corn and soy: they may cause allergies
  4. 4. Drink green tea, which is antioxidant and antibacterial
  5. 5. Decide the length of your diet: 10 days is the ideal period of time to feel and see the benefits
photocredit: Brooke Larkphotocredit: Brooke Lark

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Season change and the magic power of decluttering

The arrival of the beautiful season also means you have to transition your wardrobe for Spring. But this need for novelty and freshness can also be applied to the whole house.

According to Marie Kondo and her famous The magic power of decluttering, taking care of the spaces in which one lives is a real technique to relieve stress and regain mental balance.

The first rule of the Kondo method recommends eliminating superfluous objects and what is no longer needed, apart from anything that arouses positive emotions.

So you can keep that unuseful wooden penguin, if it makes you so happy.

The second rule suggests to rearrange things according to their category. If you reorder each room separately, you may be trapped in a vicious circle in which, without even realizing it, you keep on reorganizing the same things. Marie Kondo, on the other hand, prescribes to devote oneself first to clothes, then to books and cooking tools, and finally to photographs.

Even those on your smartphone!

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Open air sports: it’s time to move

It seems that practicing outdoor sports is more beneficial than going to the gym. This is why, as the days get longer and the weather gets milder, practicing outdoor sports can be considered an absolute pleasure.

Come on, don’t be lazy!

You can go jogging in the park near you, on the beach or in any place that is as far as possible from the city smog.

Take advantage of the weekend to organize bike rides. If done in groups, they can be a fun way to socialize and, at the same time, discover new places.

Furthermore, it seems that yoga was born to be practiced outside, in order to reconnect with nature. So why not practice it according to the true Indian tradition?

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