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An icon of Scandinavian design, the String®System modular shelving system was designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning. String®System is a modular shelving system designed to let you build the perfect bookcase whatever your needs. An easy, versatile system that blends functionality and Nordic beauty, adding a fresh touch to your home.
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String Furniture is a Swedish company and an icon of Scandinavian design, specialized in the design and production of home furniture. Founded in 1949 by the Swedish architect and designer Nils Strinning, this brand has become a pioneer in the field of modular shelves that allow you to create shelves or bookcases that perfectly suit your need.

The modular system String System is a versatile and easy structural design solution that combines the practicality and beauty of Nordic design. The best-known products made by String Furniture are the shelves systems String, String and String Plex Pocket which now have a worldwide success. These modular systems are very practical, lightweight, but at the same time robust. The side panels are easy to assemble and to move, and if you need some more space, you will just have to add one or more units to the composition.

Since the beginning of its activity, String has received very prestigious awards at international level for its design, so much so that in 1950 its products were used to decorate the rooms of the United Nations headquarters. The features of the products by String are immediately recognizable - function, essential design and attention to detail - qualities that made these modular systems very famous thanks to a timeless design that is classic and contemporary at the same time.

It might seems strange when something as simple and humble as this shelf becomes one of the most important icons of twentieth century design, winning more than fifteen renowned international awards and turning out to be a very young and contemporary furniture complement. The reasons are many: the thin structure, light and easy to install, is easy to transport; the shelves are easy to assemble and, if you suddenly change your mind about the position of your shelving unit in the house, you can quickly move it according to your needs. Shelves of different size that fit together with the support of the side panels; panels with elegant and clean shapes that provide the true touch of the complement's style. Panels designed as an imperceptible ladder climbing on the wall: brilliant, variable, flexible.

Probably, was it not been for a competition held in 1949 by the largest Swedish of the time (Bonnier), the String brand would not exist. Bonnier had organized a competition to design a shelf/bookcase that had to be affordable, simple, and easy to transport and assemble. The competition gave to the architect Nils Strinning a chance to put his ideas into practice, thus winning the first prize. Lightweight, modular and functional, his shelving system immediately become famous. Simple and brilliant, these modular shelves can be combined depending on your needs: thanks to two supports with metal cables, you can assemble and dismantle the shelves at your convenience, whenever you feel like it. The idea of this strategic complement is to create an equipped wall by combining several shelves.

Nils Strinning
The Swedish architect Nils Strinning (1917-2006) was one of the most important designers who lived in the mid-twentieth century. He helped building the foundations of what we now call "Scandinavian design". Nils Strinning is the designer who created the famous String Shelves, a successful furniture complement characterized by a lightweight shelving system. Despite being built in 1940, it is still a modern and contemporary object, very popular among connoisseurs.

Many kinds of String shelves have been disegned, but the principle is the same for all of them: combine functionality to aesthetics, attention to proportions and detail. The result is a piece of furniture, a brilliant and timeless combination, refined with a discrete but unmistakable personality.
A functional and minimalist design, economic and unpretentious, was immediately able to attract public attention.
The String modular system is ideal to be placed on any wall, large or small, and its style is able to fit in any room of the house and whatever mood you choose for it.

Thanks to his ability to create a timeless design (as he likes to call it), the architect Nils Strinning has received numerous awards including the Medaglia d'Oro award Milan's Triennale.
Whatever style you choose for your home, you know that there is a String modular shelving system that is just perfect for you. The String Plex line with plexiglass lateral panels that support three shelves in lacquered wood (also available online in the black and white versions), it is the new version of the wall shelf String with lateral panels in transparent plexiglass; a modern remake of the original model.
For a house with a country-chic style you can opt for the copper version of the String shelves, while if a Shabby-Chic style is predominant, the walnut wood and steel model will add a classic and timeless touch to your home.

Still contemporary today, after more than sixty years, the creations born from the mind of the futuristic architect Nils Strinning demonstrate an extraordinary versatility thanks to the endless combinations and also thanks to the possibility to easily move shelves and accessories. The String line, with its wide palette of colours and finishes, will allow you to adapt your shelves to any location, to any requirement or design style.
The modular solutions by String can stay on the floor or fixed to the wall. On the vertical metal panels (existing in different sizes) to be fixed to the wall, you can assemble shelves of different sizes, worktops or cabinets with sliding doors, drawers and the more contemporary transparent doors.
Versatile furniture complements, suitable to equip an entire wall, but only one small corner; you can take place them in the living room, the study or the children's room in order to keep in order their books or toys. Thanks to these versatile modular compositions, every family member can have their personal space to fill with their own things.

A few elements, very easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble, so that your home can change with you, in order to meet your daily needs; perfect furnishings for all those who are thinking about expanding the family and consequently need more storage in the house.