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The best smartphone has a black screen
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The best smartphone has a black screen

I received my first mobile phone in 2004 or 2005. It was a Nokia 7210. It had a colour screen and it was one of the few models, at the time of its launch in 2002, to allow the sending and receiving of ... MMS. Do you remember them?

Thirteen years later, my favorite app is Instagram and I constantly forget to reply to messages on WhatsApp.

It’s the triumph of the colour era: I use my phone for everything except calls.

If smartphone addiction - without the word assuming (yet) negative connotations - seems to have been taken almost with resignation, it is also undeniably increasingly encouraged. It is useless to try to put away your phone. Why don’t you use it to store all your loyalty cards? In fact, why don’t you turn it into your credit card?

by Liam Walshby Liam Walsh

Yet, voice commands are the latest frontier in terms of interaction with smartphones. The arrival of Google Home, for example, brings Google's voice assistant even further from your smartphone, which you can now forget in the kitchen while still being able to play your favorite playlist before entering the shower.

Is there a balanced position between using your phone for everything and not using it at all? And above all, was the colour screen of my Nokia really a plus?

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Grayscale: say goodby to colourful icons

Tristan Harris, a former Google project manager, made the grayscale option famous. He now leads the not-for-profit association Time Well Spent, which promotes a more critical and less passive relationship with hi-tech devices.

Every time we check my phone or the email, every time we read a newsfeed, we’re playing a slot machine to see what notifications we got.
Tristan Harris - TED Talk.
dal sito di Time Well Spentfrom Time Well Spent

Created to help the visually impaired and developers, the Grayscale feature drains the colour from everything - not only notifications become less visible, but Apps like Instagram and Snapchat suddenly become less desirable.

Especially in the evening, when you should finally rest.

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Blloc,the minimalist black and white smartphone

Minimalist wardrobe, minimalist furniture, minimalist baggage. And now a minimalist smartphone. The first thing a smartphone can do without? Colors, of course.

Offering a monochromatic experience, the Blloc smartphone should tune in focus and prevent distractions. You can only find an essential list of apps, carefully packaged to keep you focused only on the action you are doing.

The purpose is, in fact, to restore a conscious use of the smartphone. An ambitious and absolutely up-to-date project.

Don’t worry - you can switch your display into colour mode with the touch of the fingerprint sensor to enjoy your photos!

La schermata home di Blloc, lo smartphone in bianco e neroBlloc, the black and white smartphone

The apps to create stunning black and white photos

If you think that going directly to a monochromatic smartphone could be shocking, you could start by editing your photos to enjoy the charm of black and white. Lenka is one of the best apps for black and white photography, however it is not downloadable anymore

Then there’s Hueless, if you like the idea of shooting straight in black and white. For the editing phase, however, there’s Darkroom, which is only available on the App store and is integrated by a special guide written by its creator.

Who better than him can reveal the secrets of the perfect black and white shot?

My favorite, however, is the VSCO Cam black and white B1-B6 preset.

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