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Top 5 Tech Trends In 2019
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Top 5 Tech Trends In 2019

Today is like every other day, you're just a bit more tired than usual. You wake up and ask your voice assistant to put on some music. After breakfast, you travel and check your agenda on your smartphone, while your car drives by itself.

It’s no science fiction: this could be anyone’s daily routine, as pointed out by Deloitte Insight in their yearly tech trends report.

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1. Home automation and voice commands: Ok Google, what's the weather like today?

Alexa and Google Smart Home, available since the end of last year, have paved the way for voice commands and home automation.

A scenario where you can manage your home through the sound of the voice. Now you can even ask these devices to do almost anything, from setting a timer to reading aloud the news of the day.

credits: @charlesdeluvio via unsplashcredits: @charlesdeluvio via unsplash

2. Facial Recognition and 3.0 Security 

With regard to home automation, video surveillance systems will increasingly use facial recognition technologies. On the camera, simply identify an unknown face that is approaching to activate it and alert you immediately of what is happening.

3. Chatbots, new frontiers of assistance

The year 2019 will also be the year of Chatbots, a 24-hour communication channel that more and more companies have decided to adopt. The ability of these robots to react immediately, without harming the user experience and without costing too much, represents an opportunity for the business world.

With implications yet to discover.

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4.  The future is in artificial intelligence (and emotions)

Who said that in the near future decoders, your washing machine or even your vacuum cleaner could not be turned into real artificial intelligence tools?

Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Watson will soon understand human language more and more thoroughly - and yes, this also includes your tone of voice and, therefore, your emotions.

5. What kind of world would it be without 5G?

We can not miss the fundamental ingredient, without which no other of these trends would be fully possible.

The fifth generation wireless, better known as 5G, will officially arrive in 2020. This will be the cement that will connect millions of devices worldwide, allowing not only Smart Home and Smart Cities to work, in the world of the Internet of Things.

This new, hyper-connected global village is coming.

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