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The Hoptimists do something quite special. They bring smiles to people's faces, joy and optimism. All they want is a smile, perhaps a slight tap to get the figure moving. The Hoptimist repays you by bouncing up and down, powered by surplus energy. Just as you knew it would – just as it does every time.
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Hoptimist is a historical Danish brand, created in 1968 by the intuition of its founder who, in a rainy day, was working a piece of wood and created the smile, that is a small object characterized by a spring and a big smile. From that moment Bimble (the girl) and Bumble (the boy), these little toys characterized by a spring which make them shake their head, became the symbol of the company. The products by Hoptimist, available in different materials, are interpreted differently depending on the buyer. They are home decoration elements able to enrich any room but also a great gift idea or a toy for the children.

The sources of inspiration

The Hoptimist brand is headquartered in Denmark and it finds the inspiration for its products in different elements: first of all tradition, in fact many objects sold to tourists as souvenirs are created by this brand. Another source of inspiration are children, who impersonate the ideal of joy and carefreeness that pervades the whole company, even from an organizational point of view. Among the priorities of the company there is the happiness and satisfaction of its employees. For this reason they can organize theyr working days with absolute freedom by distributing their working hours as they need, in a completely new interpretation of the office or factory work. A greater joy and relaxation lead to a higher efficiency, and the results are evident every day.
A further source of inspiration is certainly nature, which also provides the raw materials to create Hoptimist's items. Hoptimist's production is carried out in full respect of the environment, with low levels of water waste, and no chemical colours but only tints obtained through ancient methods of extraction from plants. The company also cares about energy saving and it makes use of photovoltaic panels and special systems that make it totally self-sufficient and do not produce harmful gases or polluting wastes.

Hoptimist products

Hoptimist products are mainly made of wood, glass, plastic and fabric, and are characterized by a high resistance and very durable colours.
The Classic section of the collection includes the most famous creations, born from the creativity of brilliant designers since 1968 (when the brand was founded) until today. Buzy birdie represents a bird flying along the surfaces on which it is placed thanks to a small elastic spring which allows to keep it suspended. The profile and details are entirely handmade and the collection comes in different colours, from the most traditional, to the fluo ones. Buzy birdie finds space in the kids' bedroom as a nice decoration, or in the living room, but also in the office as a design element.
Bimble and Bumble are symbols of the Hoptimist brand at a national and international level. They are the male and female versions of a puppet with supporting feet, with a round shape and a spring applied to the center that acts as chest. Bimble and Bumble are also available in the "baby" size, which is smaller and suitable for example to compose a collection. In fact, the colours are so many that you will want them all to exhibit in your home. These objects are usually made of hand painted wood, but recently some designers they are also proposed in metal or plastic for a more modern and hi-tech look.

Home and kitchen items

In addition to the decorative elements - that certainly constitute the most part of the production by Hoptimist – this brand's collection also includes a series of everyday objects, which are not only decorative but also very functional.
The Egg cup, for example, is a small cup to be used for eating eggs in the morning. Made of painted ceramic, it is characterized by the typical smile painted on it.
The kitchen timer is essential to calculate the cooking time of food and to prepare amazing meals for your friends and family. It has the typical form of Bimble and Bumble and it adds a new light to the kitchen.
Christmas is the feast most important holiday in Northern Europe and Hoptimist, a Denmark-based brand, does not hesitate in offering items to be used as a Christmas decoration, for the house and outdoors. They range from small Santa Claus figurines, to handmade tiny objects made of wood or the classic colored balls to decorate the Christmas tree, characterized by sequins and lurex, and available in the most classic shapes or with more original features such as those with three-dimensional noses and horns, recalling Santàs reindeers. The snowmen come in several versions: Snow man and Snow girl are excellent gift ideas.