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Kreafunk was born from an idea of two friends. An idea that simple design and functionality can be combined with any other design products. And by combining the simplicity of the design and the functionality of music accessories, Kreafunk creates products for people of any age and sex.
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Kreafunk was born from an idea of two friends: Kenneth Melchoff Bahnseen and Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard, both with impressive expertise and long work experience in the field before. Kenneth has a great background. For many years he has developed projects in the field of design, and has also worked as a salesman of kitchens and various interior design complements. Thanks to his sixth sense for quality design, his mind is always oriented towards innovative ideas. Ruben, on the other side, has built his experience working within the Danish real estate industry, developing a particular expertise in retail, and then he developed a considerable interest in design. These two brilliant designers have managed to create Kreafunk, a company that develops simple ideas dedicated to multimedia products related to music. Kenneth and Ruben were able to fulfill their dream, opening a modern and convincing company, taking inspiration from music and the passion for it. Below you can find a list of the varied and original products they produce.

Among the many products created by these two designers, aSHELF stands out: it's the first product by Kreafunk. The idea of aSHELF came up during a cold morning in Denmark, while the two designers were sipping a cup of hot coffee. On that occasion, one of them sketched a small drawing on a simple handkerchief: the idea took shape and today it is a product highly appreciated by all customers. This article allows you to connect your iPhone / iPod to a sort of shelf-stereo, without the help of other external elements. In fact, the shelf has built-in powerful speakers with 40 watts of power. The aSHELF also prevent the iPhone / iPod from running out of battery, due to its incorporated charger. This article may be used in any room, be it the kitchen, office or bedroom. Remember that aSHELF can work also with a Bluetooth connection.

As an alternative to aSHELF, Kreafunk has also created bSHELF. Also bSHELF is both an audio player and a shelf. The minimalist design of this article is mixed with the decorations and the setting in which it is placed, like an invisible source of sound that fills the room of music. However, the benefits of bSHELF are not only musical, but are also practical, as it can bear up to 15kg. The strength of this shelf offers the possibility to put objects on it without affecting the quality of the music.

Another interesting product is aGLOW. aGLOW is like a big portable iPod, useful for your theme parties or your summer evenings on the beach. Featuring a built-in light, this article has about 20 hours of battery life and can be recharged in 4-6 hours using a USB cable. aGLOW manages to fill the gap between outside and inside, mixing the homely atmosphere with the mood of outdoors.

If you are looking for an aesthetically innovative product, take a look at aOWL. aOWL (short for Audio-Owl), is a new and exclusive object to immerse yourself in music with great style. This product seems to be constantly watching you, almost as if the music itself were looking at you from the powerful speakers of this device, which are the "eyes" of the aOWL. They have a built-in digital amplifier that measure 70 mm. The product has its own Bluetooth 3.0 application, which can facilitate the connection to your Iphone / Ipod through the Bluetooth. One of the peculiarities of this product is the packaging. It looks like a simple wooden box, but evokes a small birdhouse. This article is available in different colours: green, white, blue or pink. In addition, on the back of the product there are a small indicator of the adjustable volume and an on / off switch.

If you love music you can not miss aPLAY. At first glance aPLAY might appear small and slender. However, this audio player delivers a powerful sound that will leave you speechless. Its vintage look hides a personality that will get high anyone perceive the strength of its sound. Take it to your parties and create an extravagant atmosphere for you and your friends.

Speaking of "vintage", another product worth mentioning is aMOOD. The small aMOOD speaker has a beautiful and elegant silhouette, with a charme typical of the 70s. This portable music player will attract attention wherever you will bring it. Free from cables and any external connections, this gem will accompany you in your journeys will never leave you alone.

Although not everyone will appreciate your style of music, do not worry: aHEAD does shares your passion for funk, grind, rap, pop, reggae or any other kind of music that keeps you in good spirits. Your feeling toward music is connected to the sensations created by aHEAD headphones. Do not worry about what other people think, and rock like no one is looking at you!

Last but not least is aGROOVE. Light in its forms and with a strong personality, this music player will be able to make you dance all night. aGROOVE will give you the right energy to enjoy your evening at best. Let yourself go and listen to the lively sound of your favorite songs with aGROOVE!
If you need to recharge the batteries of your products, toCHARGE is the object for you. This multitasking product can accompany you during an entire festival or make you enjoy long periods away from home. Are you sure you can go on without it?