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20+ Christmas gift Ideas for your girlfriend
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20+ Christmas gift Ideas for your girlfriend

You've been together for a long time or you just started dating. She is your soul mate, she is your partner in crime. Together you have traveled the world, but you are also comfortable on the sofa at home.

There is only one way to show the woman of your life how important she is, even this Christmas: make her the perfect present.

Original gift ideas for the fashionista

She subscribed dozens of international newsletters, ranging from fashion to design, and the images she saves on Instagram have a consistent palette of colors. 

It's hard to impress a woman who's always up to date with the latest trends - unless you give her the perfect idea to create a new one.

Grinder set
Masuleh cushion
Mouth flat plate
Coco Kokeshi Doll
Anna G corkscrew
Vana bathroom organizer
Serpenti double duvet cover with two pillowcases

Gift ideas for your creative girl

She always shares a newperspective on everyday things, influenced by the world of design and art, but knows how to translate it and interpret it in a personal way.

If your partner has a creative spirit, give her an object with a meaning and a story that she can interpret, reinvent and transform. Like a saucer that becomes a jewelry box or that can be hung on the wall.

Giraffe ring holder
nh1217 Led lamp
Cavallino coffee table small ash wood
Kintsugi 1 fruit plate
Ikebana big round vase
Frutteti Libertà fruit bowl

Gift ideas for rebel girls

If she was a hashtag, that would be #girlboss. To encourage and support her, what better way than a designer object designed by a woman?

Take for example the iconic Componibili by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, one of the first female architects in Italy, who co-founded the Kartell brand. Or give her something that will remind her of the independence and strength embodied by Frida Kahlo.

Ribbon chair
Weekend Away kit
Frida Kokeshi Doll
Componibile 2-piece storage container - silver
Pipistrello Mini Table lamp with integrated LED
Serena copper table lamp
Cecilie Manz pouf Diam. 50
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