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The trends for 2018 seen at IMM Cologne and Maison&Objet
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The trends for 2018 seen at IMM Cologne and Maison&Objet

Surprising us with everything from kitchen-less homes to a revival of tropical-style, the first two home décor fairs of 2018 have come to an end.

The whole of Europe has got a clearer picture of the design trends for 2018 and especially of the way every brand has interpreted them in its unique fashion.

One thing is for sure: minimalism seems to be out.

IMM Cologne 2018 presents Boho Chic

In Cologne, it’s time for unexpected encounters. As usual, the inaugural fair of the year has shown us the most important trends for 2018 with colours, materials and styles for every taste.

If you want to know the main rule or key theme for 2018: it is, don’t be afraid to use a varied range of materials. You should push this and try to take everybody by surprise: would you have ever thought that the cushions you bought in Morocco could have looked so good on your leather sofa?

More than ever, 2018 is the year of mixing-and-matching and IMM Cologne has a precise term for it:

a victory for boho chic.

It might still be a lit early to understand how Ultra Violet will affect home décor, so IMM Cologne puts Greenery on display, the Pantone Colour for 2017, even if in a paler toned down shade.

I bet you could have guessed what the main materials will be: timber and marble will stay with you all through this year.

Un post condiviso da J. Scholze (@gute_bubblu) in data:

Un post condiviso da Crocus Design (@crocusdesign) in data:

Lambda round table Diam. 150 cm
Edge three-seater sofa in leather
Amp table lamp
Dot marble hanger
Keshi T50 table lamp
Santiago ottoman
Ted One W 235 cm

Maison&Objet 2018, from leaves to perfumes

Paris confirms another key trend: tropical-style won’t be leaving us soon. Proof is the Seletti stand that was awarded the prize for the best display at this year’s edition of Maison&Objet.

Like IMM Cologne, Maison&Objet’s colours too become paler and dustier - apart from Ultra Violet which finally makes an appearance.

Each stand at the fairs was crammed with inviting textures, to delight both the eye and the touch. The gentle silhouettes of the furniture and the accessories are enhanced by velvet, leather, prints and embellishments, in such a way that

each piece is different from the others, this contrast ties them together.

Your sense of smell is appeased too: delicate perfumes and home fragrances waft through the Parisian scene, towards the captivating new spring and summer shades.

Technology however, was the real key player of Maison&Objet 2018. The video installations projected onto fabric were especially devised to enchant visitors, but there were interactive shop windows too, designed to provide information to potential customers: the main idea of this edition was a wonderful and never-ending showroom.

Un post condiviso da Seletti (@selettiworld) in data:

Un post condiviso da Decorieur (@tanja_groeneveld) in data:

Un post condiviso da ASCArouen (@ascarouen) in data:

Say My Name table lamp
Line/2 sideboard
Slim extendable table 160x90
Ireland S20 chandelier
Big cushion
Bon Jour Versailles Table lamp - Large
Agatha armchair - Second Chance
Prisma wall cabinet
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