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3 ideas for your summer 2018 holidays
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3 ideas for your summer 2018 holidays

June has arrived and you are feeling conflicting emotions: the desire for holidays and the lack of ideas. You’re looking for different and unusual holidays but thinking about it is enough to stress you out. Or you simply can not find the courage to deal with travel anxiety, which also means you don’t want to be bothered looking for destinations, flights and offers. In fact, summer is made to relax, so grab a drink and keep reading to find your holiday inspiration. 

Glamping, the travel trend to watch in 2018 

Luxury campsite is a front row seat for beautiful landscapes and also a perfect setting for a holiday that’s a little bit different from average. But, after the age of 25, vacation rhymes with comfort. So down with coin operated showers, say yes to chic campsites, with top hospitality service. 

A camping site equipped with armchairs, wifi and wooden floors? Yes, please: you can find it in Italy, precisely about half an hour from Venice. It’s the Canonici di San Marco. You’re more into beautiful natural sceneries? Then you should book your tent at the Garden Village Bled in Slovenia, near the Bled lake. You will feel like stepping into a loft. 

Want to go to the seaside instead? Try the Campeggio di Capalbio in the Tuscan Maremma, halfway between the sea and the WWF Oasis of Burano Lake. Not far away, on the Elba island, the Tenuta delle Ripalte offers canopy beds and equipped kitchens, lanterns and wooden platforms, apart from the beautiful sunset over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Europe's best summer music festivals for 2018

What's more festive than a festival? It is no coincidence that, coming June, there is an explosion of events all over Europe, starting with the Primavera Sound in Barcelona. But do not just think of mass gatherings in the mud with the sound of rock. There are occasions when the location and setting up are as important as music.

Like the UVA Festival in Andalusia, just outside the town of Ronda: from June 8th to 10th, three days of music and art in a sixteenth century monastery turned into a vineyard. Or the Ortigia Sound System which, from July 25th to 29th, livens up the old town part of Syracuse and ends with a Nouvelle Vague boat concert. 

If you are more sensitive to natural beauty, you can not miss the Secret Solstice in Reykjavík, which accompanies the summer solstice (June 21-24, 2018) and includes concerts and DJ sets in the glaciers and the Raufarholshellir, an ancient lava tunnel that’s 300 meters long. And if you prefer a warmer climate, you can check out the events calendar of Sounds of the Dolomites (30 June-31 August 2018), in Italy’s Trentino Alto Adige: you can take excursions, plunge into the forest and listen to jazz, classical and world music.

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The Staycation

Because yes, spending your holidays at home is an option. A way to save money, but also the ideal solution to save yourself the trouble of itinerary-travel-accommodation. But how can you put together two apparently distant concepts, staying at home and enjoying the benefits of a real holiday? Simple, by thoroughly planning your vacation as if you were living. 

credit: Flickr/Chris Fordcredit: Flickr/Chris Ford

Make a list of the monuments you have never visited, pine forests in the hills or even beaches near where you live. And then there are food-fests, an excellent opportunity to rediscover the typical dishes of your region at popular prices and entertain children in the outdoor play area.

To recharge your batteries, you must slow down your pace: the moment has come to enjoy a slow breakfast, a long walk or a good read. 

Enable Automatic Replies and find your peace of mind

It’s the right time of the year to enjoy dinners with friends, so freshen up your home, leave aside thick fabrics and dusty knick knacks, fill up your fridge and bring summer in! 

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