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3 Great YouTube Channels for Home Decor Inspiration
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3 Great YouTube Channels for Home Decor Inspiration

In the seventies there were pirate radios, in the eighties private TVs. Today if you want to become a celebrity you have to land on Youtube. 

When we talk about Youtubers we are not just referring to make-up artists, gamers or comedians, but to all those who use the famous platform as a showcase of their work to followers.

The world of design has its landmarks: we have gathered the top 3 YouTube channels that you can not really miss if you are a home decor lover.

Studio Mcgee

When Shea and Shyd McGee decided to found their interior design studio, they had to deal with a long waiting list of customers and lots of deas, but a room that was far too small to make them come true.

Why not start sharing on YouTube your tips and pieces of advice on home decor?

Shea and Shyd McGee had an intuition which proved to be more and more effective with the passing of years: their business has grown visibly and the couple even developed a web-series called House to Home.

Currently their channel has nearly 90 thousand followers, their team has expanded and they built up a full-fledged studio. Their waiting list, however, is even longer.

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Apartment Therapy

With a strongly evocative name, Apartment Therapy started off as a blog specialized in home decor in 2001, based on an idea by Maxwell Ryan.

Today it is still a reference point for all interior décor enthusiasts.

On their YouTube channel - which currently counts over 40 thousand subscribers - Apartment Therapy share styling proposals, everyday tips and breathtaking house tours.

It's not just a question of inspirational videos: the goal is to show how simple it is to personalize a home and how much, above all, it is essential to turn it into the well-kept and welcoming space in which you always wanted to live.

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Nastazsa is much more than a youtuber who deals with home decor. On her channel, followed by 605,000 people, you will surely find a handul of useful ideas.

She shares invaluable advice on decor and lifestyle, all in a perfect Californian style: Nastazsa is actually from Los Angeles.

The topics of her videos are always introduced in a clear and personal way, ranging from tutorials on how to arrange the wardrobe to suggestions on how to give a twist to your living room.

What can you learn from Nastazsa? Changing the style of your home is a game that also involves your personality.
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