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3 Ideas to Regift Unwanted Presents Like a Pro
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3 Ideas to Regift Unwanted Presents Like a Pro

It happened again: you received (at least) one gift that you just don't like. A sweater of a smaller size, a pair of running shoes (what are they trying to tell you?), a pot for the stove - but you've just installed the induction hob.

Do not blame your friends and relatives, sometimes guessing your tastes is difficult. And above all, do not worry: re-gifting online is much easier than you think.

Write on cake pen
L.O.V.E. finger sculpture with music box
Thank you dessert plate Diam. 17 cm - La Tavola Scomposta

Unwanted gifts and how to get rid of them 

There are various levels of commitment when it comes to reselling Christmas, birthday or graduation gifts that you just didn't like. Start from the easiest ones, especially if, like me, you have a large family: strategically pretend to forget the unwanted gift at one of your relative's.

If you want to make a small profit out of it, go for ads on specialized websites and social media. Depending on what you want to sell, there's a specific Facebook group or an app that could work better than others and make the sale even faster.

Apparently, Facebook Marketplace is perfect for technology, while Depop is the ideal app for both vintage and contemporary clothes. If instead Aunt Carolina has given you a ceramic vase made with her hands during the intense course you gave her for the birthday (your fault, then), try to sell it on Etsy. 

Philippe coat rack
Omaggio vase H 30,5 cm
aFunk Bluetooth Speaker

Resell concert tickets on the Internet

«How come, wasn't he your favourite singer?» said auntie looking at your expression as you stare at the white envelope. Go and tell her that these skeletons in the closet should never be exhumed.

To sell tickets of a concert you do not want to go to, I suggest you post on the concert's Facebook event and in some Facebook groups of the city where the evening will be held.

Resell luxury items online

It's not your boyfriend's fault: for him all sunglasses by Chanel are similar. 

To resell a luxury item that somehow you don't like, there are at least a couple of sites you can count on. One is the everlasting eBay, which is used successfully above all abroad but which in Italy is erroneously still considered unreliable.

The other one is Vestiaire Collective, a website thta's entirely dedicated to luxury resale. You need to sign up, also to see the selection of items that other people have put up for sale, but the real advantage lies in the valuable additional service that is offered. Every time an item is sold, before it is delivered to your hands - or in the hands of the person who bought your wrong pair of Chanel eyeglasses to which it was the thread of a lifetime - it passes first through the team of experts at Vestiaire Collective , who examine it and authenticate it with a certificate.

And with the profit of the sale you can finally afford what you've always wanted. 

Stan full towel set
Pan for eggs
Set of 4 Bambi chairs
Amazing blanket
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