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Our all-time favourite Christmas movies
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Our all-time favourite Christmas movies

Christmas rhymes with movies. There's no other time of the year during which you can spend hours and hours on the couch.

If you too, like me, turn into a child again during the festive season - eating, sleeping and watching Christmas movies - then you will surely enjoy the schedule of all major broadcast channels, which mainly consist of cult movies, comedies, romantic movies and, if you're lucky, even b-movies.

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Classic, romantic and unmissable Christmas movies

Jesus of Nazareth by Franco Zeffirelli

During Christmas holidays, you should watch at least one serious movie about Jesus: it is a matter of coherence. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli, this miniseries produced in 1978 was a resounding success.

The family man

A brilliant Nicholas Cage is the protagonist of a movie that will make you think about all the (maybe) wrong choices you made in life, to teach you that there is always a remedy for everything.

Bridget Jones' diary

Carelessness: this is the keyword during holidays. This light and fun film will be perfect ending to your lunch on December 25th.

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Alternative Christmas movies 

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's masterpiece, this stop-motion animated movie is set in a decidedly dark Christmas world, in which a variety of bizarre characters from the Halloween country have only one mission: to save Christmas. 


I admit it: it is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Ostentatiously trashy, Gremlins is not really a family movie - it is indeed the most senseless thing you can imagine and, for this, a cult.

Frankenstein Junior

Watching this movies during Christmas is a veritable habit to me. A masterpiece directed by Mel Brooks in 1974, it has not much to do with Christmas, but the story itself stands out for its subtle and grotesque irony hat will appeal to young and old people.

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Christmas movies for kids (that adults love)

Home alone

Without even realizing it, Maculay Caulkin istantly became a hero because he made all kids' dream come true: stay at home alone and play the adult, amid difficulties and ups and downs. Obviously we all know this film by heart, but it remains a small, inevitable joy of Christmas.


Despite the global warming, Christmas has always been associated to snow - and there is a lot of snow in this movie. Plus, in my opinion, you should watch at least one Disney movie each Christmas. This is why Frozen becomes the perfect compromise to steal your children's attention for a couple of hours - but I can guarantee you will enjoy it yourself.

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

This is not a Christmas movie, but it will surely ve included in all schedules. Maybe it's because during Christmas holidays your table will be full of sweets of all kinds. Watch it with the little ones, because it is fun and, after all, has much to teach. A bit like Christmas.

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