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What You Need To Know When Decorating A Tiny House
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What You Need To Know When Decorating A Tiny House

Decorating a tiny house can often be challenging. However, running into limits should not make you think there are few options available.

So what are the best tips to keep in mind for a mini-apartment?

Rule number one: think out of the box

The most important thing is to choose appropriate furniture. Multifunctional furniture and simple lines are the ideal allies for transforming any type of space into a well-kept area with exploited potential.

Storage rooms, cabinets and shelves can also be arranged vertically: getting out of the conventional patterns allows for a practically custom-made environment!

Vela L 180 sideboard
7-level Giralot shoe rack with mirror
Duplex Shelf

The table? Prefer round lines

Having little space does not mean you cannot warm up the environment; a wooden table conveys a comfortable and welcoming feeling.

Round tables can be the ideal choice to add a sense of movement; squared and sharp shapes occupy more volume, cluttering space.

Plants and vertical gardens, even in small spaces

Do not underestimate the aestetic touch plants can give: they make each room much more welcoming (yes, even the bathroom), enhancing the other decorative elements. There's a wide variety of plants species, so you can choose the most suitable one according to the space available, the orientation of the house and your green thumb. 

You can also opt for a lush vertical garden. Why not choose your favourite aromatic plants and grow them in the kitchen?

Diseguale bottle jar - Green
Tondo Xz23 table
Collo vase

Decorating a tiny house: the color palette

Colors are another trick used by interior designers to play with space, making it brighter and thus tricking guests into thinking your home is bigger. A modern style requires neutral tones such as white, gray and pastel shades. Beige, thanks to the brightness it can give, is suitable for any type of room.

via Pinterest

Renovating your living room? Focus on the contrast of light and dark colors for a modern look 

Major Dos and Don’ts of Decorating a Tiny House

Don't scale down in a tiny house! Having a single, larger statement item on display instead of several smaller options keeps an area looking airy. 

An additional tip? Height variations. We are not necessarily talking mezzanines: you just need a few steps to functionally divide areas and obtain very comfortable storage areas.

Krossing 100xH200 wall bookcase
The Box storage unit/seat W 120cm
Quadra bookcase
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