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This Christmas, take care of yourself
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This Christmas, take care of yourself

Even the last name on your long and elaborate Christmas gift list can be deleted. It's official: you made it.

No more rushes to shops after work, no more Internet browsing while you're hovering between two tram carriages.

And, if you did your sums right, somehow you managed to have a whole week off during the holidays. Inhale, exhale. And now?

It's all about you. 

How to have more free time for yourself

The answer is much easier than you think: just find an excuse - or even seven - to enjoy your own company. 

Whether you want to consecrate more time to that long-awaited manicure or you want to pamper yourself with a hydromassage, you whould definitely enjoy the festive days. 

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Enjoy eating all by yourself

You will probably be invited over for a number of Christmas dinners, and sooner or later you will surely fall victim to some sort of social hangover.  

So enjoy your low-key dinners at your place for as long as you can. The lure of solitude: deciding on your own meals and what series you should watch next on Netflix.

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Spending Christmas alone

During the holiday season you'll want to do one thing only: spending time by yourself. It's your right, take it as the best occasion to recharge your batteries. 

Finally you can start reading that book that's been on your bedside table since you received it as a gift last Christmas, or binge-watching that TV series that's been talked about for months. 

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