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Fresh design, joyful colours, creative modularity - that's Lina! All this translates into highly multifunctional furnishings designed to suit home spaces and public areas, both indoors and outdoors. Lina multiplies spaces by making them more usable and elegant, with a special eye to the quality of materials.
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Lina Design
Lina Design is a Slovenian brand with a vast creative team composed designers, professional researchers and engineers, all united by the common belief that creating carefully designed and innovative accessories for the house is useful to improve the quality of life.
The mantra pursued by the Slovenian brand is based on three concepts: fresh design, bright colors, creative modularity.
A philosophy that results in the creation of multifunctional furniture with a strong personality, ideal for domestic and public space and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lina enlarges any space and makes it more accessible and elegant, always paying attention to the quality of materials.
All seats designed by Lina Designer present simple and essential forms, but at the same time they also have an elegant and refined style. Much attention is given to ergonomics in the realization of furnishing.

A timeless creativity thanks to which the brand has won several international awards for some of its creations, such as the Interior Innovation Award for the models, Easy, The Ball and Round About, and recognitions such as the Universal Consumer Favourite, the Universal Design Award and the Designin London.
One of the company's flagship products is the collection of furnishings Moon, which includes the chaise longue Moon, a simple piece of furniture that consists of two distinct modules that fit together to form a single block. Practical to use for sitting, to lie down or as a coffee table. When you want to stretch your legs, Moon turns into a comfortable armchair: you just need to move the seatback to create a chaise longue. Alternatively, you can combine two or more Moon pieces to form different compositions: sofa, sofa with seat, or even a bed (using all four elements). Changing the configuration is really easy! When you do not need it anymore, all Moon elements can be stacked and placed in a corner. The coating made with 3D fabric is removable and washable, making this piece of furniture a perfect solution for kids' bedrooms, gardens or terraces.

With an eccentric and unusual personality, The Ball Modular is a spherical seat (like a ball), which can be used alone or in a playful combination with other Ball seats available in different sizes and colours. Spherical compositions perfect to enjoy a moment of well-being while watching TV, working on the computer or treating ourselves on a nice break on the terrace or in the garden. Probably you have already seen this exceptional piece of furniture by Lina Design, in some mall or in a hotel. The Ball Modular is available in thirty-six different shades of colour and you will choose how to customize your ball.
The creator of this essential accessory characterized by a full style design is the Slovenian designer Damjan Ursic, an architect working in the industrial design sector who can boast collaborations with customers from all over the world, but especially from Spain and Italy. On the road towards his current success, Damjan Ursic has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Interior Innovation Award that is awarded by the Designers of Germany, two nominations for driving Hit IMM at the Furniture Fair in Cologne and much more. Recently, he held an independent exhibition with his new collection of designer chairs in the heart of Milan, and he can also boast to have many of his creations exhibited around the world (London, Moscow, Milan, Chicago and Las Vegas).

The Box and The Cube is the modular pouf line produced by the Slovenian company. All colourful and contemporary, these poufs differ only in some details. The Box has a double function: it is a modular container that can turn into a pouf, but either way it is an ideal accessory to bring a new look in any room. Despite the apparently simple composition, The Box can be joined in tandem with other modules, creating solid compositions that you can compose and decompose like you wish. Also, they come with additional elements such as the seatbacks in different sizes to make your seat more comfortable and relaxing. The line The Cube includes modular-combinable pouf in seductive colours. Differently from The box, these poufs are equipped with a lid that turns them into useful containers in order to store our objects when space is limited at home.

The Roundabout line is an interesting modular composition of different elements and ottomans that can be easily converted into tables, stools or chairs. You can attach them to each other through very flexible joints: this way you will create the perfect composition for your space. The advantage of these complements lies in their ability to revolve around each other. Roundabout is the latest innovative creation by Lina Design and in 2015 it won the first prize at the Interior Innovation Award. Lina Design does not only meet the needs of adults, but it also offers the same lines of furnishings in the Kids version.
The Single Ball chairs, with their lively and bright colours, become the favourite seat-toys of all children, who can roll in them without any danger. For a more static and safe sitting, you just have to add a base to the Ball, so that it is firmly anchored to the floor.

How about building a small playground at home for your kids? With the simple and modular forms of Moon Small, you unleash the imagination of the children who will have a blast creating small private corners, swings, adventurous galleries, but also unusual places to rest.
Your children will fall in love with The Box solutions, many coloured cubes of different sizes that become ideal for hiding and storing their most important treasures.

All Lina Kids collection is perfect to decorate not only private houses, but also schools, kindergartens, game rooms or any other environment dedicated to children.
The innovation and originality of Lina design, become clear when we look at an object such as Makkara: a large pillow dedicated to all those who have a vivid imagination. Makkara can become a comfortable bed with headrest, an armchair, a chaise longue or a scale composition on which children can play. It depends on you and how you decide to fold Makkara, a cushion made of one piece, but with a ribbon that will allow you to fix it in the position you want.