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B-LINE aims at giving splendour back to those objects that are intrinsically precious because of their ingenious simplicity and their beauty. International collaborations and emerging designers. Furnishing products for home and office. Plastic, steel, fabric and wood. The fundamental ingredient to give life to real Made in Italy products is the quality of the design.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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B-LINE aims at giving their splendour back to those objects that are intrinsically precious because they of their ingenious simplicity and their aesthetical interest. International collaborations and emerging designers. Furnishing products for home and office. Plastic, steel, fabric and wood. What's needed to give life to real Made in Italy products is the quality of the design.

The birth of the brand B-line
The B-line brand of furniture items for home and/or office was born in 1999.
Plastic, leather, resistant steel and wood are used in the production of the durable B-line products, alongside with multiple and sophisticated technologies.
This gives life to excellent furnishing objects. "Versatility, innovation and functionality characterize all B-line furniture."
The creative imagination of Karim Rashid, the taste for essentials of Kazuhide Takahama, the human resources team of B-LINE and all the designers working together to create beautiful products!
The B-line company has gained a great success even abroad, where there's a huge demand of its products.
Therefore we can say that the B-line brand is well-known and appreciated both at a national and at an international level!

The products bearing the B-line brand
All articles of furniture with the B-line brand have unique characteristics that make them stand out among other traditional and ordinary products.
Among the tables produced by B-line, for example, there is one model that easily suits many different environments. It can be placed in the dining room, on the terrace or in the garden.
The base is made of rotational-printed polyethylene and has a stable look; but at the same time it also looks pretty dynamic, thanks to its shape. This item is available in two different heights: 72 or 102cm. For the table-top, you can choose between the circular or the elliptical one, while for the material you can choose between full laminate, transparent crystal or back-painted glass. This table model is, therefore, very variegated and versatile, so that the buyer has the opportunity to choose among a wide range of shapes and materials.
Other B-line's furniture products are for example the beautiful modular bookcases, whose pieces you can combine with complete freedom of choice. You can create comfortable room dividers or a wall bookcase. Otherwise, the single shelves can be used and assembled to obtain a semi-circle or a column. Each piece of the library can also be used alone. The colour, realized with white paint, confers to the object itself and to the surrounding environment a bright luminosity in addition to a sensation of enlarging the room.
Even the chairs made by B-line are very beautiful and innovative. There are models with smooth surfaces made of polyethylene with metal finishes, or other versions covered in particularly valuable and resistant fabrics.
The endless patience of B-line's artisans can be detected in every piece of the chair and, above all, in the direction of the folds that are located close to its curves. All sofas, armchairs and ottomans present an accuracy in their realization that is typical of all B-line products. The comfort, the sense of warmth, the softness and the skillful craftsmanship characterize in a unique way all the furniture objects of the B-line brand.
There are, then, some particular chairs in which the squared shapes are positioned in a way to produce special optical effects.
In general, all B-line products are characterized by a highly original inspiration which is perfect to create unusual and very innovative items!

The advantage of buying B-line furniture
Buying B-line products means choosing high-quality products, that are very original and particularly functional.
Purchasing B-line products means decorating your apartment in an innovative and unique way, and making it delightfully cozy.
Moreover, for some pieces of furniture customers can unleash their creative imagination, and combine the pieces as they prefer. Customers can also make the most of the space they have available thanks to the possibility to combine the different components in total freedom.
Also the undulating and flowing shapes and well as the colors used for all the articles of the B-line brand make it possible to originally decorate the different rooms of the house or even your office.
The skillful combination of different shades of colours and the flexibility of the shapes available allow you to achieve great results in terms of brightness of the environment, in order to decorate it but without weighing it down.
All B-line's furniture items are, therefore, beautiful, original, versatile and, at the same time, very useful and functional!